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Spiritual Laws

A big white cradle, shaped like one of those old-fashioned prams from before the war, radiates an incredible lot of white light.

A friendly naked child with black hair, dark eyes and brows sits crowing and waving with its arms in this cradle, totally wrapped in that great white light.

From the cradle also appear a number of geometric figures, like the 4x4-sign, the circle, the six-sign, the triangle and finally the 8-form, the lemniscate.

The white cradle is the symbol of the female component and the baby in the cradle stands for the male component, together forming one whole. And every geometric figure you saw emerging from the cradle stands for a particular spiritual law.

The World of Wisdom only can exist thanks to the principle of the male and female component. It is the basis of the World of Wisdom.

When we look at the principle in its entirety, we see that the female and male principle complete or reject each other. Together they bring about a certain unrest necessary for growth and change.

Without this principle there are no building stones, and the possibilities of the World of Wisdom to guide the essences on the path of consciousness would be very limited because here too the male and female components play an important role.

When the essence is just starting its development, the male and female components are still unconscious.

They have to learn to cooperate consciously. If there is complete collaboration between both components, there is full consciousness.

The principle includes a number of spiritual laws.

Laws cannot exist without wisdom and wisdom cannot exist without laws. And we, as teachers, are also bound to the laws of the World of Wisdom.

Generally humans do not realize that in normal life they already use these laws. Therefore we want to throw some light on some of these laws.

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