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Spiritual Voyage of Discovery

Travel Information


You are going on a trip and you are taking…

A rucksack full of lessons you would like to learn,

old experiences gained in past lives,

and the urge of wanting to know,

'Who am I and what is the source of my existence?'


About the Journey


Your trip is not to be by plane,

Nor will it be by car or train.

No, a human sets off exploring with you

Learning what you intended, and experiencing too.


There is no fixed itinerary on paper.

But in the moment, you’ll give a sign,

And although the road is still unknown,

The human hopefully feels, This suits me fine.


In order to be able to learn, you see,

You go on a journey from the Silver Sea

To the earth with all its possibilities and

  You can take along what you learned in the end.



A Voyage of Discovery to Your Self


Your essence is who you really are and it is a substantial part of the World of Wisdom. The essence is symbolically represented as a drop of the Silver Sea. In the beginning the essence is still subconscious.

In order to grow in consciousness and to get to know oneself and one's place in the overall picture, the essence has to go on a journey to discover and learn through experience.

It is guided by the teachers and also supported by the spiritual helpers.

In the beginning the essence has few possibilities and initially will gain experiences in the body of lower species that is only present in its existence. This allows the essence to taste the possibilities present on this planet, i.e. light-dark, hot-cold, growth etc.

If, after a number of lives, sufficient experiences have been gained the essence continues its journey in the body of a higher species, such as a dolphin or a monkey. These animals already have the possibility to run up against limits and to learn something from this by chance. Eventually, the essence comes to the point where it can make the transition to a human body.

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