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Welcome to the World of Wisdom Foundation, which accompanies humans in their consciousness development.


The World of Wisdom is ever moving. This became clear again when the teachers indicated that it was time to phase out the website.
Their view on what they want to communicate through this website has changed and no longer fits in with the current website.

Each collaborator will have to find his own way in the time to come, now that the safe umbrella of the World of Wisdom website, under which they have been working, is going to change.

To stand for what your essence proposes and to take independent steps is a new phase in everyone’s learning process, one that will certainly cause us to groan, but also offers new challenges and opportunities for growth. After all, that is what consciousness development is all about.

As a visitor of the website, you will gradually notice changes and certain information will disappear, but new initiatives will emerge.

Letting go of the familiar and walking a new, unexplored path is a challenge for us, but it also demands something from visitors in their search for information and inspiration.


 Going on the way in the white mists of the Silver Sea,

Leads to change and discovery,

It doesn’t always come easy,

But only in this flow the essence grows wise.



    New initiatives will be announced in the News Flash and the Newsletter.

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