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me to Me
Spiritual Voyage of Discovery

Me to ME will be your guide,

from your physical me to ME, your spiritual side,

it takes you on a playful journey of exploring.

You go hand in hand; who knows what it’ll bring.



On a Journey


We invite you to come on a journey of your essence.

No one knows in advance how long this trip will take, but on the way there is a lot to do and to discover,

so you will not be bored.


The entire journey is guided by the World of Wisdom that is regularly giving signals to help you on the way.

In agreement with the essence a destination is chosen where it can experience and learn what was planned. You set off together as travelling companions.

Use your imagination like a child and follow your dreams.

See what comes your way and learn what it means.




After a period of reflexion and rest

The essence wants to go on a new quest.

It has chosen an earthly coat

Suitable for this trip remote

It has seen an image of its life maybe,

Of what it wants to learn and see.


Longing to start on this new road

It glides into a new baby coat

And soon it is immersed in earthly life

With all the experiences that will arrive.

baby op strand.jpg

Will it remember what it wanted to learn

On its path, what its intentions were?

Will it dare to be confronted with its lessons

In this new existence?


When needing help, will the human turn inside

And make contact with who he really is,

his inner guide?

Will he be aware of the guidance in a ‘call’,

That is available for all?



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