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The Whisper


Hello there… dear human,

how nice you found me back again!

When you were little, you played with me,

we shared ideas and felt so free,

but time went by and as you grew,

thinking interfered with you.

The sense of freedom, dreams and fantasy

got in a fix increasingly,

to make room for ‘obedience’,

morality and serving useful purposes.


You let it happen and pushed me aside,

paid no attention to my whisper, so light.



Let’s set off together, side by side.

Sensibility and ‘safety first’ are not our guide.

 Starting from your survival nature,

makes you scared, causing pressure,

because if you don’t live on the basis of your inner power,

it will make your life more difficult and sourer.


Therefore, if you wish, give me your hand,

together we’ll start exploring the promised land.



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