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E-book Wealth of Wisdom


This book is a compilation of the information communicated by the teachers during meetings over a period of time. Based on a symbolic initial image they provide you with a wider view of topics that one may struggle with or would like to know more about.


Click on the book to download the e-book ‘Wealth of Wisdom’.

Wisdom Your Own Way


We …

Cordially invite you to join us on an adventure in this book.

Do it entirely your way and have a good look.

If you dare an open-minded look around,

You can feel our atmosphere in which you can be found.



This book speaks of a Silver vibrating energy,

Which is revealed beyond esoterics, religion and company.

It explains the consciousness processes that’ll make you strong

And tells about the lessons you brought along.

Everyone has to face it without exception,

So you’ll be going in the right direction.

It explains views that arise in man

When turning from the outside in and then

Learn through dreams about as yet unconscious layers.


The book says …

That for being in higher spheres there is one condition:

Do your homework and learn your lessons.

Because growth does not happen just like that

You need to discover your traits

And the source from which you react.

There is no end, no finish at the horizon.

But in your view gradually arises a new dimension.

And new insights will open the shutters wide

Like gates to enter and see other worlds inside.


After all…

You have made so many discovery expeditions

From the White Light to this earthly existence.

And the World of Wisdom holds its breath:

Is this human open to the Silver memory?


Does he know why he made the trip once more,

With what intention he came here for?

Will this life be filled by self-wisdom blissfully

Or… will the intended path stay shrouded in mystery?



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