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Zilveren druppels.png

Silver Drops


These drops will reach you like a spray

And help you grow further on your way.

Their silver energy enriches and lifts

You to something new,

Which suddenly gives you a different view.





Being is about who I am

And to what extent I know myself.

Being is not about status or CV.

No, all of that is not important to me.

Because Being is not about performance

But about daring to learn and experience.


Being is about ‘not needing to know everything’

It is not about ambitious goals

Putting myself in the spotlight.

No, it is a very different thing

I simply want to discover

What do I again and again encounter?

Will it give me another feeling?

By a different way of dealing?


Even though I look so smart

And have a lot of spunk

My Being houses what ‘s deep inside

Because here is the sphere of influence in my life

The growth and consciousness to which I aspire.

In this vibration that determines my look at the world

Resides my naked Being unadorned.



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