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Spiritual Voyage of Discovery

The Path

Every human is on earth to learn his lessons, to discover his own wisdom and his own truth, guided by his essence.

However, every human is unique, has his own possibilities and brought his own experiences and lessons along, and therefore has to walk his personal path.

In order to discover your path and to be able to keep following it, signposts are available as well as guidance from the World of Wisdom.





Our society is like a mirror showing a human through the emotions he experiences in situations he is confronted with, where he still has something to learn.

These emotions are an invitation to take a further look and discover what is going on. Maybe these situations are completely different from what they seem on first sight.

The teacher says: (extract) 
‘How a human considers, feels and experiences himself is reflected in his thinking hat, but he sees this behaviour back in his contacts with others.

In these reflections the human is hurt, and when he has yet not reached a certain level of consciousness, he often says: ‘How on earth is that possible? Why am I constantly meeting humans who are so annoying to me?’

The human does not realize he gets some of his own emotions reflected in his views.

You know that every human has an aura, emanates, in which the vibrations of the emotions are also embedded. When a human looks at something, he is not aware that he is looking through his own vibrations and that these emotion-vibrations accompany his watching. So what he sees in the other says something about his own emotions. They are reflected by the other.

Now that you are aware of this, you will never again judge the other human and say: ‘He is this, or she is that.’


It is often very hard to see your own reflexion; that’s why you had better ask yourself:

What bothers you in contacts with other humans?

What hurts you, where is your vulnerability?


You may find that the emotions that bother you in contacts with others are like a thread in your life, and they have to do with your lesson, that lesson that you have been dragging along in your rucksack ever since you were a child.

If you become aware of this, you’ll get a wider view of your lesson, and of your own survival nature.

 For the complete text click on reflection.



The teacher: “The human recognizes emotions, but he hardly recognizes the impulses in himself.

An impulse is a direct movement from the natural force.

Impulses arise from the silver, they are the signals of the essential consciousness telling the human what suits him best and what does not.

Click here natural force and read more.

The thinking hat often leads you astray. All the rules embedded in your thinking hat, combined with the experiences you had gained make you opt for safety and security, instead of listening to the impulses you are handed from your essence.

But the essence is who you really are and the path your essence wants to follow often is different from what your thinking hat suggests.


The teachers are assigned to guide the essences on their way to full consciousness.

This guidance can be vast and may come in different ways, but it is up to a human to ask for help.

The intention of the request, to whichever god or saint it is directed, will be heard.

Depending on the level of development of the human, for instance, a collaborator may be put upon his path to help him along.

Someone who is somewhat further on his way and able to get in touch with his essence, will sometimes have a dream revealing what is going on, or suddenly experience the answer from inside.


The meetings are also a form of help, just like the books, texts, or poems. They may enlighten you on your path.



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