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De poort

The Passage​

There is an image of a very big book. This book is lying open and looking at the book, I see a gate, a passage, appearing, as if the passage is cut in the paper pages. On the left of the gate is a Teacher and he is beckoning me. I look through the gate and see behind it a great shining light. It is no sun, it is no daylight, but a very specific vibration that is present there. Now the Teacher invites me to step through the passage and go towards this light. I see people making a hesitant first step through this passage, but also that they are received on the other side by the Teacher and the spiritual helpers present there.



Explanation of the Teachers: You saw that in this image a transition, a passage was created. This ‘passage’ means that a human being who is searching, who busies himself with techniques and knowledge, will go through this passage at a certain moment, and makes more conscious contact with the World of Wisdom.

This symbolic image represents the process that you are facing.


Blue vibration
Through this symbolic image we have now shown you the entire process for which you are now heading. The human being who attends our meetings, is at least in the blue vibration. And the blue vibration means: the development of his throat chakra. And this human being is actually very busy with psychic affaires. With all sorts of techniques, with meditation, etc. You probably have some idea of the possibilities in this field. When a human being busies himself with this, he looks at knowledge and that is the meaning of the book in which we made this gate.


The Passage

Before the passage a human being has already acquired knowledge of the spiritual world, through esoteric texts, through contact with spiritual societies. And when a human being goes through this knowledge and finds: ‘ok, now I know that, but I still have the feeling that there is more’, only then is a human being ready to go through this gate to another vibration. And this vibration is of a finer nature.
That also means that if you take this step, that, little by little, you leave behind the techniques. Because we often see that a human being who is busy with techniques, has the feeling that he is already quite advanced on his path of consciousness, but we know that he stays in the material, in the human, and has as yet nothing to do with the actual processes of consciousness a human being goes through.

So this passage marks a moment of reform in the life of every human. You cannot get away from it. You can stay in front of the gate and that is what many people do because they still like the techniques so much and think that they can get their heart and soul out of this. But not one human being on the way to full consciousness can pass by this gate, everyone has to go through it.


The Urge

We are not here to say: ‘we are looking to make converts and want all the humans to go through the gate’, but it is part of our task to guide the human who feels there is more, towards full consciousness. Because you have an urge inside you to get along on your path. That has been instilled into your essence from the World of Wisdom and we also have the task to help you via this urge. And as every human being is unique, our approach is different for each and everyone. We have the possibility to give the human being that which he/she needs, but also what suits him/her.

As a human being likes to be tickled and we quite often hear about people who are busy with all sorts of techniques, ‘that we all have to be nice to each other’ and ‘there is a lot of love in the World of Wisdom’. Well, forget it, we won’t do it. We say ‘we really want to help the human being on his path to full consciousness’, but lessons have to be learnt. 


Personal Lessons

And lessons mean that a human being must go beyond his own emotions. That you start looking for the scarlet thread in your life. It is by means of the scarlet thread that you will find out that the essence, at the moment that it started the search for a body, took along lessons and saw to birth into a certain social environment with a certain education, with certain norms and values, so that the lessons it opted for, can be learnt best.

It is in the awakening to the lessons and the possibilities that you as a human being have, you feel the need to look further...


The Voyage of Discovery…

You will find that a whole world is waiting for you, a world that needs exploring. Because a human being thinks he already knows an enormous lot about the spiritual world, but that doesn‘t correspond with how we experience the World of Wisdom.

And when you pass through the gate, you will find that everything you have read and thought up till now, is but a very meagre reflection of what is to be seen and experienced.


Teachers and Spiritual Helpers

We invite you to pass through the gate, as we are waiting for you with wide open arms. And not just us, but also the spiritual helpers.

And though we as Teachers are present, many people don’t as yet have the possibility to be in contact with us directly, because our vibration, our charisma is that vast that you cannot embrace it. That is why these spiritual helpers are very important, vibrationwise they correspond more or less with your vibration, so that it feels safer for you and it becomes easier to make the transition to the contact with the World of Wisdom.


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