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The World of Wisdom is swirling and sparkling,

  Nothing stands still and it’s always growing.

There is no holding on to fixed ideas.

It infinitely dreams of its possibilities.

It sometimes causes chaos and confusion,

Not knowing where to go.

But only from chaos springs a whole new flow.

When the Phoenix rises from the ashes

The World of Wisdom will show you

The new path you may choose to pursue.

And on your way in the white mists of the Silver Sea,

Which is where you wish to be,

As it leads to change and discovery.

It doesn’t always come easily.

You may have to pay quite a price.

But only in this flow the essence grows wise.



zee WvdW verdieping.png



Reading this you might think: ‘The World of Wisdom… that is quite something…

What do they mean by this?’


We want to tell you about the Silver Sea.

It contains everything that will ever be.

It’s the homeland of your essence,

A timeless existence,

Where by exploring consciousness can grow,

 Learning about itself and All there is to know:

The source of all beginnings.

Are you coming through ‘The Passage’?

If you click on ‘The Passage’, you will find the explanation of the process that this symbolic image represents.

poort passage.png
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