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On the Move


Feeling that there is more, knowing that your essence is who you really are, and to be willing to follow the impulses of your essence is one thing, but actually feeling these impulses in daily life and reacting upon them, that is quite a job.

If, for example, you are invited to a family party… what will you do?

What may help you on your way is asking yourself the question: What was my first feeling? Your essence gives its little signals in the now-moment at a point when this invitation has not been coloured yet by the thinking with its many ifs and buts.

Then comes the next step: if the answer is ‘no’… dare you follow that impulse?


You enter into the daily 'battle' with all the standards and values and rules that you were brought up on.

They make you stay in line with society and colour your look, but they also give you something to hold on to and offer the security of belonging to the group.


You are often not even aware anymore of the fact that these are acquired rules and how they impact your daily life, but just take a look at them, do they still suit you… or would you like to do it differently?


Here you will find a number of texts with lessons from the teachers about being on the way, with their view on what you might come across.

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