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The Lemniscate

When we speak of a lemniscate, you know that it has the shape of an eight. We can see this lemniscate often in the way people get on with each other. Because people love to be together in a limited space, as if they were one, whereas it would be better and healthier for them if each had his own space.

It is the human in the blue vibration or more advanced on the path of consciousness, who is sensitive to information present in the aura-vibrations of others.

But when you form a lemniscate in your thoughts and you put yourself in one loop and the other person in the other loop, you will be free of the influences, of the energies of the other. Many people don’t know this law.

Humans use this as a form and we see the togetherness, whereas it is meant as a form of demarcation in the World of Wisdom because every human is unique and has a right to his uniqueness, without the influence of other energies hanging around this planet.

When you have accepted these spiritual laws, you can get a larger view, not only on yourself or on your fellow man, but also on the workings of nature, on the workings of this earth with its volcanoes and deserts and all the planets which are part and at the service of the principle, because attraction and rejecting between planets is also taking place through this principle.

All this has its particular function in the spiritual laws and it becomes clear to you when you see how big, how widely spread, how inextricably it all is connected to all growth that it implies.


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