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Degrees of Consciousness

In a large wheel the teacher is in the position of the pentagram; the man in the five-pointed star stands for ‘fullness’.

It seems as if the wheel is strung with a screen of blue chicken wire and the teacher is stuck against it.

The wheel begins to turn causing the teacher to make somersaults. Now I can’t see the teacher anymore, but the wheel with the screen remains and it rolls jerkily and ever faster downhill.

Here and there between the mountains and the valleys runs a path leading to a mountain top. On one mountain I clearly see a well-worn path. It is a twisted path going up and the bushes on the mountain sometimes hide it from my view.

At the foot of the mountain the path has a black colour, but then it turns into an indefinable brown, after that it turns into grey and gradually the path gets covered with a layer of different coloured pebbles.

The closer to the top, the softer the colours of the pink, green and yellow pebbles. Ultimately they are all pastel coloured, but just below the top they are white and larger.

You saw the big wheel that was put into motion, turning faster and faster. This symbolises the path that you are walking in this life and possibly also in following lives. You saw me rotating on this wheel, later only the wheel remained and all sorts of mountains could be seen. But in the end there was only one mountain with a path.

You saw this path slowly change colour and the nearer to the top, the more the composition and the colour of the pebbles changed.

Probably you have no idea what I am talking about; I want to talk about the six degrees of consciousness.

As you saw, this track started in a very dark colour, and then it got an indefinable colour. And if you were watching, you would have seen that this path was divided into six different colour tracks.

These symbolise the six degrees of consciousness, which we call the six-sign.

1st Degree of Consciousness

When a human is in the blue vibration and knows about the material and the spiritual world, he is in the 1st degree of consciousness. Even religions are not yet in the 1st degree of consciousness, because a human has to be in the blue vibration and has to start noticing that life consists of two different layers. He sees the material layer and starts filling in his material situations in a symbolic way.

You know the expression: ‘coincidence does not exist’.

But in that way a human in the blue vibration can look at the material world in a different way.

The period of the 1st degree can last very long, even in the purple vibration until the white vibration of the material consciousness a human can linger in the 1st degree of consciousness.

2nd Degree of Consciousness

When we look at the 2nd degree of consciousness: here a human has a distinct impression that he is guided in his life.

Suddenly he notices that he is drawn to certain situations. Or that something suddenly happens in his life and he thinks: this is happening to me now, but actually I dreamt about it last night. And that has nothing to do with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, but with his life being guided.

From now on he only listens to what his essence passes on to him and he can no longer do without.

3rd Degree of Consciousness

In the 3rd degree of consciousness you are going to make direct contact with the teacher.

If you ask a question, you will get an answer.

The essence and the teacher work together here and you as a human have the possibility to pick up these messages. And once the human has advanced to the 3rd degree of consciousness, he can stay there a long time. Because even if he is materially fully conscious, he can still say in wonder: ‘Oh my, I am in contact with the teacher and when I ask a question, I get an answer.’

It can also be that, because he has the possibility to be in direct contact with the teacher, this human thinks his material consciousness is already so vast that it prevents him from further development.

4th Degree of Consciousness

In the 4th degree of consciousness you come in contact with experiences from previous existences. You don’t need us to do that.

It means that, when you are in a particular situation in which you used to be overwhelmed, you get an insight in the form of a déjà vu. For example, suddenly you find yourself in a situation that you don’t recognize in your current existence, but you feel very clearly that what is happening to you at that moment really has to do with you.

It may also happen that you don’t get any images, but that at some point you have the feeling: I am now suddenly in another body, I am a woman, or I suddenly have become an elephant. It really feels like being an elephant, so you know that the essence has been in an elephant body in a previous existence.

It seems rather strange for a human to experience, but at the same time this contact with these types of old experiences give a wider view on your essence and on the possibilities the essence has. Then you know that there are more old experiences inside you and that these are going to play a role in your life.

Your essence has not just lived one life, but hundreds of material lives and they may all come to the surface when you are in the 4th degree of consciousness. This does not have to run analogously to full material consciousness, as it may well be that you are already further in your development on essence level.

A human cannot bring this about himself; there has to be an impulse from the inside, causing this degree of consciousness to present itself. And that is totally different from thinking that one has to meditate to come in contact with the degrees of consciousness. So you can stand on your head or do yoga, but by doing this you really don’t get any further in these degrees of consciousness.

There is much to discover in the 4th degree of consciousness, just because your essence has already lived so many lives on this planet. This can take a very long time. You are going on an adventure as a kind of explorer. In addition, it will become clear to you that you can translate it to your present life, because you are beginning to see that certain issues in this life are related to a previous existence, so that you understand why you do or don’t do things.

5th Degree of Consciousness

Little by little you have obtained a wider view and get to the 5th degree of consciousness. It means that, at that moment, you are able to conquer the terrestrial forces. You know the story about Jesus who walked on water. In the 5th degree of consciousness he had the power to conquer this terrestrial force.

So the human in the 5th degree of consciousness can shape the earth. He does not feel the need but he can do it.

He can make sure that there are no clouds in the sky or that there is a shower when needed.

And so there are many possibilities for the human in the 5th degree of consciousness.

That is how, but in a different manner, you come in contact again with the terrestrial elements and you are going to understand that you have power over fire, water, air and earth, if you would want to.

6th Degree of Consciousness

By the time you have recognized and understood the 5th degree, you will go to the 6th degree of consciousness.

In the 6th degree of consciousness the human is actually no longer a human, though he still looks like one, but he is on a bridge between the material world and the spiritual world. And even though his deeds, his actions and his possibilities are vast, no one sees that.

The human on his path still has the vibrations of his development in his aura around him. But as soon as a human is in the 6th degree of consciousness and fully conscious both in the essential consciousness and in the material consciousness, the vibrations of these forms of consciousness are no longer present.

At the same time solidarity with his fellow-humans no longer exists either. This human goes his own way without any regard for others. Many people think that such a person is the personification of all the love present in the World of Wisdom, but perhaps you already know that the energy of the World of Wisdom carries a clarity, a clearness and this is of a different quality than the love the human experiences, because that is an emotion.

The cooperation between this human and the teachers is ample, because there are no longer any boundaries between us.

That does not mean that he is a puppet, but that he is part of us, of the cloud.

The human in the 6th degree of consciousness takes part in deciding everything this cloud thinks necessary. So this demonstrates how much the 6th degree of consciousness shows a human who has no longer anything human about him.

The characteristic of the 6th degree of consciousness is the effect on the matter.

A human in this degree is able to put his hand to the matter in such a way, that everything he needs is present.

For example, suppose that your fridge is empty and you have no money, through this degree of consciousness you can make sure that this refrigerator fills up again.

That will cost nothing, however, you should not expect to find an apple pie; but you get what your body needs.

For example, this human loves to smoke a cigarette, because he knows: my body needs it and he can easily give in. But he can also eat fish and chips, can easily throw a party with people and drink a glass of wine, but because of the fact that he is in the 6th degree of consciousness, he is no longer in contact with them. There is no mutual contact between the fully conscious either. It is just the fully conscious to matter and vice versa. The human in the 6th degree of consciousness can, if he wants to, manipulate matter, but usually he feels no need at all, because he also knows: it is just a moment of satisfaction, but it says nothing about what is really needed.

7th Degree of Consciousness

There is also a 7th degree of consciousness, but then this human has to be outside his body, because this can only be experienced by someone who is present in the essence form.

In the human form only the 6 forms of consciousness can be present.


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