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Chakras and their Colour Vibrations


Here is a list of the different chakras with their possibilities, because only through chakra development can the human complete his material consciousness.

However, this tells us nothing about the development of the essential consciousness.


The chakra is a little organ in the etheric body.
Chakra means circle or wheel, but is mostly symbolized by the lotus flower.
The flower may be seen as a sort of funnel in which spiritual, universal energy from outside is captured. From the heart of the flower run roots that are connected to the energy lines in the body. These energy lines also absorb red terrestrial energy from the inside, so that the spiritual energy and the red terrestrial energy can mix.
The chakras play an important role in the human’s process towards consciousness, as every chakra has its own vibration.

This vibration differs from the preceding and the following chakra and has its possibilities, but also its own emotional charge.

There are seven chakras in the body


The Red Vibration

The first chakra is the basis, located just below the tail bone.
The colour is red, because the basis absorbs the red terrestrial energy. The body also needs this terrestrial energy to be able to live.
The human who just has the red vibration at his disposal, only knows the emotion anger. This human doesn’t know himself, because there is no consciousness yet. There is only unrest and he reacts instinctively to hunger, cold etc., but because the human has a thinking hat, he is going to contact the emotion anger and through the experience in the anger consciousness is developed.

Example: a human goes towards a stove and burns himself. An animal would jump back and not approach the stove again, but the human burns himself and swears. He experiences the pain and the burn, and reacts with an emotion.

Anger is the first emotion that the human gets in touch with on his path towards self-consciousness.

The other party hurts him, in this case the stove, and he flies into a rage and because he feels the rage, he recognizes that something is happening to him, and yet that anger is still focussed on himself.

There is always a period of reflexion to let the human grow in consciousness and this happens in the spiritual world between two material lives. This period of reflexion happens in the yellow vibration and it is not about the quantity, but about the quality of the reflexion and that differs per human.


The Orange Vibration

The second chakra is located at the level of the pubic bone and this is the first chakra with consciousness development attached to it.

The orange colour is actually a mix of red and yellow. It is the red terrestrial energy and the period of reflexion. Life with its experiences still occurs in the field of sexuality, group forming and beginning relations, because in this chakra the human learns to make contact with another human. But as this human has no self-knowledge yet, he will relate everything he sees to his own experience.

This human is focussed on himself, he does not yet see the others as human beings with other feelings and supposes: ‘I feel like this, so you feel like this’. He cannot form an image of another human feeling differently, because he is as yet unable to experience this.
Example: how often does it happen that you tell a story and the one opposite you says: 'Oh yes, I have that too’ and starts telling his own story, completely oblivious to your emotions.

You may take it that at that moment this human is in touch with the orange vibration in himself.
Otherwise this vibration also characterises the sexual flow, but this flow is solely focussed on the genitals and puts self-satisfaction first and foremost.

Whereas in the red vibration the anger is focussed on oneself, in the orange vibration the human begins to utter anger at the people in his surroundings and the anger has another colouring.
In the orange vibration power is always attached to anger, wanting power over other people stems from: ‘I know how you feel, so I know what you should do’.
It is the being separated from emotions other than the emotions he knows himself.
There is no dialogue or agreement.
In the orange vibration you also find the human who does not shrink from violence so as to press home his power.
The adult does not see that a child is a child. He expects a child to behave in the same way as an adult. He does not see that a child has other needs than he, and because of the anger in the orange vibration there will also be power present here.

In the orange vibration the nest feeling develops and the first we-contact comes about. One human will choose another human for his qualities and the other must also have use for the one who chooses.

Example: The man will look for a woman with the necessary capacity to bear children, so that the survival of the tribe or family is guaranteed. In this vibration the male descendant is more important than the female descendant.
The woman looks at the build of the man. She knows: ‘That is a healthy person so that I will have healthy children’.
This all happens at a subconscious level in the orange vibration. In the orange vibration tribal wars start which may degenerate into a family feud because knowing ‘I belong to this tribe, to this family’ automatically means that human beings from other tribes are not welcome. 

The orange vibration has two layers.
The first layer has to do with eating, drinking and the urge to reproduce.
The human being starts experimenting with sexual feelings and possibilities.
When sexuality has no more secrets for a human being, and that takes some experimenting, he goes to the next layer in the orange vibration and this layer has to do with expression, of art as well as language. 

The development in this chakra takes long and very often a time-out is needed before the human being lands in the yellow vibration.
Just think of the violence that is lurking in this chakra, punished by imprisonment in this society, which means a period of reflexion starts for the human being in the orange vibration.


The Yellow Vibration

The third chakra is located at navel height and is considered the most important spot for stocking energy.
This chakra, also called the solar plexus, is in contact with one of the four terrestrial elements: fire - water - air - earth.
This makes an unstable basis, as the red earth energy will mix with one of the terrestrial elements and the human beings will be provoked.

Typical of the yellow vibration is that the human being will see more and more connections and this leads to insights because logic is part of the yellow vibration. In this chakra there is also an exchange with the energy of fellow men.

The two energies will come together and may reject or accept each other and in this way the human being starts to discover that there is me and you. Through this ‘me-and-you conscience’ he will discover that there are humans who react differently, who treat the same things in a different way.

He cannot yet look at his own behaviour but he does see the difference between humans. This human has no notion as yet of the spiritual world and he assumes that the earth is all, the centre of the universe. But here is still anger, as the red terrestrial energy stays part of the human being. The human being in the yellow vibration gets help from the human in the blue vibration, so that yellow and blue together make green.


The Green Vibration

This chakra is located at heart level and connects the three lower chakras with the three upper chakras. It functions as a bridge.
The lower chakras are the connexion to the earth, the upper chakras are spiritually connected and the heart chakra is where the two worlds come together.
In the green vibration the human being experiences for the first time his spirituality and feels a calling, the call of his essence.
Here is no further development of the material consciousness attached, it is just a matter of following his calling and the human being starts off on a certain path.

The choosing of a path is the development.
- The first path is the path of reflexion.
The human who follows this path, has to follow it, goes to a monastery and experiences little by little the spiritual world in his existence.
- The second path is the path of science.
This human being will devote himself to scientific research, where he will discover that matter has several layers.
- The third path is the path of environmental activities.
This human being dedicates himself entirely to all kinds of environmental aspects, through which he discovers that this planet also has a spiritual side.
The human being on all three paths knows that he is busy with his task, his calling, and takes pleasure in it. He is continuously searching for the next experience, and he feels his essence stirring again.
The human follows the path, he doesn’t know there is no growth there, but he gets familiar with the spiritual world.
The emotions that are developed here are acting (rituals) and living like a hermit (retreating/disappearing).

There are three paths: The moment the human being makes the connexion and draws the spirit into the matter, a golden yellow vibration is created and this vibration stands for reflexion and insight.


The Blue Vibration

This chakra, also called throat chakra, is located at throat level.
The blue vibration comes into being by mixing green and golden yellow.
The human now knows that the spiritual world exists, but he cannot yet connect the material world and the spiritual world.
But as he knows there must be more, he sets off in search, starts dabbling in what the psychic world has to say and reads esoteric books.
He follows courses and meets people who are also searching.

The throat chakra offers several possibilities, as the vibration of the nerve system gets finer, the human being applies himself more and more to clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, etc.
That is inherent to the development of the blue vibration.
The rest of the anger, the red earth energy, now expresses itself in rebelliousness. When there is none of that rebelliousness, the human being becomes blasé (I already know everything).

The human being often finds his life heavy, because the essence has its lessons that have to do with the orange vibration.
That is typical of the blue vibration, but because it is  ‘slammed’ into him, the human being does get deeper into the blue vibration.

Read more here: The Blue Vibration


The Purple Vibration

This chakra is located on the forehead and is also called the third eye. The forehead chakra opens because the orange and the blue vibration are mixed.
This world does not have any forms, just colours and sounds.

The human in the purple vibration experiences that the spiritual world and the material world are now mixed up because when the human is busy with material things, the spiritual world still stays part of him.
It is a natural fact and the human being experiences no more limits.

For the human being in the purple vibration the thinking hat is transparent and he is master of his thinking hat.
He sees through the discrepancies of his thinking hat and the body of the human being will be much less under the influence of the day and night rhythm of this earth.
So he needs less sleep.
It is also normal for this human to pick up vibrations from the outer world, but he can easily let go, knowing that they mean nothing to him.
And yet, there are still bits of the red earth energy and the human in the purple vibration experiences two emotions:
- The holy one, the feeling of being chosen
- The sinner, who takes the burden of debts upon himself.

The human in the purple vibration has lessons that have to do with the yellow vibration and the more the lessons are learned, the wider the chakra opens.
The lotus flower, dark purple at first, gets lighter and lighter when opening up until it is nearly white.
That is when the human being experiences that he has a task to fulfil on this earth.

WHITELOTUS chakrakleuren.jpg

The White Vibration

The seventh chakra is located on the crown, at the top of the head.
The human who has opened this chakra is master of the matter and can make use of the matter when needed.
He is fully conscious in the material consciousness, but not yet fully conscious in the essential consciousness.
The human who is considered fully conscious, has the white vibration at his disposal, but that doesn’t mean that he loses the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple vibration.
Look at a prism: a prism catches white light, but all the colours of the rainbow are to be found in the spectrum.

The red earth energy, the anger, is resolved, but one cannot yet speak of pureness, as all the preceding colour vibrations play a role.
Only the human being in the white vibration can separate these colours, so that they become pure yellow, pure blue, etc. and he can focus this vibration to do healing work.
Take the orange vibration as an example. When he aims the orange colour vibration at a fracture, this bone will heal sooner; because this colour has exactly the same vibration as the bone. Every colour vibration has its own specific possibilities.


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