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The Blue Vibration

When we talk about the blue vibration, we talk about the stage in the material consciousness associated with the throat chakra. This vibration develops from dark blue to light blue.

The human in the blue vibration experiences the material world; he experiences the spiritual world, but he cannot bring them together yet. They are two separate worlds to him, and often ‘being spiritual’ is the last a human is aiming at.
To bring these two worlds together the human gets lessons which are related to the orange vibration and this vibration is characterized, among others things, by the we-feeling, relationships and sexuality and the human is confronted with one or more aspects of the orange vibration.
The human realizes that he is being ‘crammed’ and he experiences life as hard. This is the struggle between the gnome, his own natural force, and the troll, the survival strength. There is a conflict between thinking and feeling, these don’t work together, but nettle each other.
The human tries to cover himself and to avoid situations in which his lessons can be learned. That is typical of the blue vibration, but because he is being ‘crammed’, the human being actually gets deeper into the blue vibration.

The biggest step a human must make is to turn from the outside inwards and make contact with his own essence.

The human in the blue vibration goes his own way, is critical and asks questions. Initially he will look at humans who busy themselves with psychic affairs. During his quest the human repeatedly makes a choice, because if he hears something that doesn’t suit him, he will turn elsewhere. It is the human who runs from one psychic to another and just wants to hear what suits him, but during that time he remains in a standstill and gets embedded. It is the human who seeks security.
He also begins a collection of esoteric books. He thinks to gain lots of experience by reading them, but they are still nudges on the blue path to turn inwards, because he feels in himself the vital force, the gnome with its unrest searching for answers.
When the human lives according to his troll nature, he feels weak, he feels he can be blown away and at the same time he depends on humans in his surroundings.

The Five Segments of the Throat Chakra

  1. Development of the spiritual senses.

  2. Recognizing the spiritual family.

  3. The Jacob’s ladder dream.

  4. The beginning of all wisdom, the Knowing.

  5. Looking at and saying goodbye to the fruits of life.


The Spiritual Senses
The human is working at increasing his own vibration level, the energy level of his body. The vibration of the nervous system refines, so that the spiritual senses are developed.
He will increasingly focus on clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc. That is inherent to the development of the blue vibration.
He tries out various forms of energy, tries to experiment with terrestrial forces, but often is unaware of what forces he encounters and this could carry a hazard.
When the human is in the purple vibration he no longer uses these spiritual senses.

Recognizing the Spiritual Family
The spiritual world is made up of vibrations. This means that the human in the blue vibration will make contact with the vibration he belongs to, in which he can recognize his spiritual family, but this has nothing to do with family and family ties.
The human starts looking for and finds kindred spirits in groups: in discussion groups, in the joint practice of particular techniques etc. Often he develops a jargon only comprehensible for humans in this group; the ‘outside world’ no longer understands them.


The Jacob’s Ladder Dream
The Jacob’s ladder dream implies that in his dreams the human experiences help from the spiritual world.


It means that when the human formulates a question in himself before going to sleep at night, he will get an answer from the spiritual world in his dreams.


 This dream has a specific vibration and very often the human 'knows’ what he is dreaming. In this dream certain symbols appear that are specifically related to the blue vibration.


Looking at and Saying Goodbye to the Fruits of Life
The human in the blue vibration is confronted with orange fruits. They are the lessons related to the orange vibration. It is the going beyond the thinking hat that makes the human look differently at situations.
When he advances in his development the body will have to get used to the higher vibrations of energy.
So the clearing of emotions is essential, because the vibration of emotions are heavy and impede, even block the flow. 
Also the human in this stage is strongly confronted with emotions of rebellion and blasé-ness.
Rebellion is the remainder of the anger by which the human is eaten up in the previous stages. He feels victimized and wonders why God does this to him.
The blasé-ness says that the human assumes that he knows it all and he is no longer open to new insights. He has a high opinion of himself and feels no need to change. He has the ability to observe himself and has a deeper view of how life is lived, of the behaviour of humans, so he thinks he doesn’t have to change, but that the ‘other’ has not yet reached this state.
He also feels the need to talk and to be heard, but there is also curiosity and voyeurism toward the development of the spiritual senses and he thinks he knows he has a task to fulfil towards his fellow men.

The more open the throat chakra, the less he gets caught in these emotions.  

In this stadium the human works a lot with images of the moon energy. It is magical thinking.
It includes the jargon the human in the blue vibration uses. For instance, in this period one uses the term: ‘coincidence does not exist’ and through the symbols of the moon energy he tries to find meaning to the situations in his life. But the moon energy is a trap, because through the emotions and the feelings he invokes here the human thinks he makes contact with his essence.


The Beginning of all Wisdom, the Knowing
The human begins with: ‘I know there must be more between heaven and earth, but what does it look like?’
He looks for the answer to these questions from psychics and in groups, but gradually he finds out: ‘I keep that feeling of emptiness in myself, a void that those humans cannot fill, they don’t have the answer I am looking for’. Therefore his path gets narrower and narrower, but he now finds that he is guided.

The spiritual world gives little signals and inspires the human on a certain path.

Nevertheless the human finds it hard to say goodbye to all the knowledge he has acquired through the moon energy, the esoteric books and the techniques and often he gets depressed. It requires reversal in thinking: it is the knowing that it is not found in the matter, but the human does not know whether it can be found in the spiritual world either. It is the leap into the vacuum, it is surrender.

The human may stay depressed for a long time and as long as he doesn’t make a choice, the unrest gets worse. The choice the human must make is listening to and following the gnome nature, but what that choice will be like is different for each of them.
The human feels in himself that he must do something in a certain situation, but his thinking hat will not, dare not. The human can then experience the choice as: This is too much, nobody can ask this of me. Then he only has two possibilities: either take the step, or refuse to go on living. That trenchant is the choice the human has to make.
Only the human on the blue path experiences a depression that may lead to suicide; in other vibrations it doesn’t occur. For the first time the human experiences naked fear and has to choose to go beyond that fear without knowing that there is help.


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