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Spiritual Voyage of Discovery

A voyage of discovery to your Self

Your essence is who you really are and it is a substantial part of the World of Wisdom. The essence is symbolically represented as a drop of the Silver Sea. In the beginning the essence is still subconscious.

In order to grow in consciousness and to get to know oneself and one's place in the overall picture, the essence has to go on a journey to discover and learn through experience.

It is guided by the teachers and also supported by the spiritual helpers.

In the beginning the essence has few possibilities and initially will gain experiences in the body of lower species that is only present in its existence. This allows the essence to taste the possibilities present on this planet, i.e. light-dark, hot-cold, growth etc.

If, after a number of lives, sufficient experiences have been gained the essence continues its journey in the body of a higher species, such as a dolphin or a monkey. These animals already have the possibility to run up against limits and to learn something from this by chance. Eventually, the essence comes to the point where it can make the transition to a human body.


Material Consciousness

It all begins in the body of a human being in the red vibration. It is an extension of his former experiences; there is no consciousness attached to it yet. After a number of lives and a period of reflection in the World of Wisdom, material consciousness arises from the orange vibration.

The essence must learn and recognize the development of all chakras and the possibilities and lessons that go with them (see chakra colours).
It can only learn this by experiencing the emotions and feelings evoked in a human being. This takes many, many centuries and hundreds of lives. For the essence, however, it is one long, continuous journey, sometimes spent on earth and sometimes in the World of Wisdom.

The material consciousness is found in the aura of the human being and contains all experiences and lessons of the essence and the memories of past lives.

The level of material consciousness determines the colouring of human's glasses; his way of looking at himself and the world around him.

When a human dies, the material consciousness returns with the entity to the World of Wisdom like a sort of wrap.

The experiences understood are transformed into the silver and will be part of the essential consciousness.


At some point, the essence feels the urge to undertake a new journey, because it notices that there are still things to learn and discover. The essence looks at how and where this could be done, of course in consultation with a teacher or spiritual helper. The essence is attracted by the possibilities of that particular place. When it redescends on this planet, via the ether element, the essence brings along its wrap into a little new body, which means that a baby is not born with a blank slate, only his thinking is still blank.


Every human being feels the urge to get a wider view but he has to fully understand himself with regard to the level of essential consciousness as well as to his own humanness, before you  may even speak of full consciousness.





 The new-born child who conquers many a heart

and puts on a smile on even surly faces

is not, as one thinks, innocent at the start,

but he has brought the lessons of his essence.

His thinking is still empty and that’s why the child

reacts purely from his gnome, the symbol of his own nature.

The door to his home, the World of Wisdom is still wide open

and unhindered by patterns of thought in which he could easily be caught,

there is no obstacle about and so, he can freely walk in and out.


He doesn’t yet know the illusion of earthly existence,

what he sees with his inner eyes doesn’t raise questions.

Then gradually thinking becomes filled with standards and values,

he sees many commandments on the path he pursues,

this will mould and shape the child to be accepted.

In the competitive, performance-oriented society,

he forgets where he came from when he adapted.


the gnome knows about the colours, the symbol of the rainbow,

climbing upwards along ever finer vibrations consciousness will grow.

This is the road of experiencing, the path that every human must go,

in remembrance, that is the intension, because that is the only way to expansion.



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