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Autumn and Freedom Leaflet

krantje En nov 21.jpg

Autumnal opulence


Wisps of mist, the so-called ‘White Ladies’

 Wander over the tranquil land

Embrace me, take me by the hand

And whisper to me to turn inside

 Where I can learn much more about myself.


The noise of the summer crowds and gruelling heat

Sometimes made it hard to be in peace.

Walking quietly through the autumnal forest

I get farther and farther away from everything.

Free from all thoughts and venom

Back to unspeakable, wordless being

Stripped of illusions, of all appearances.


Under my feet the crackle of fallen leaves.

Hey look over there, a fleeing deer!

Around me the forest shows a rich palette of colours

I deeply inhale the air so full of herby scents

Enjoying all this splendour.

Everywhere are pine cones, beech-nuts and acorns

And in the sand I see the prints of hoofs and little paws.


I become aware of the silence and the beneficent peace

Descending deeper and deeper into me

A little more with every step I go

Later, at home, staring into the fire, I know

This is my true nature

My true treasure.



DIY rainbow gnomes


Would you like to know more about the gnome?
Click here [go to On the Move – Concepts – Natural Force]

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The Transience of Life 


The teacher: ‘As you can see all around you, nature is in a phase of dying off and coming to rest. This happens to all living organisms. Every organism passes through a phase of growth and blossoming, after which it dies again and comes to rest.


All this has to do with a development process which aims at gaining experiences, whereby the essence can develop from not conscious to fully conscious, both in the material consciousness and in the essence consciousness.

The gained experiences are not lost, but like a cloak of energy they are taken along to the next existence.


The experiences that you acquire in the course of many lives make it possible for you to explore all aspects of the material world, so you end up having experienced everything and you understand the lessons involved.

Your essence, which is who you really are, will then be fully conscious in the material consciousness.


The essence is not fully conscious as yet. To be fully conscious the essence also needs to know and understand itself, its own content and its place in the World of Wisdom.’



The transience of life


is a certainty in the physical world.

The essence knows no beginning or end,

is just on the way

 and receives the physical form

that the experience requires

 as part of its training.



krantje 5 EN gedicht chestnut fairy AF.jpg

The teacher: ‘In the purest sense of the word,
freedom should mean that there are no conditions to be met.’

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Click on 'Freedomto read this text from the book 'Wealth of Wisdom'.

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The Ashgrove

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Welsh Traditional Folk Song performed by coworkers of the World of Wisdom

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