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Natural Force 

The gnome is the symbol of the natural force in a human. This force that every human has, is related to the essence and through the essence with the World of Wisdom, and it knows the human and his lessons. The gnome nature functions as an intermediary between what the essence asks from you and what the body asks from you, and helps you with choosing all day long, knows what suits you and what doesn’t (very practical when you go shopping for example!).
When you are in contact with your natural force and you push the thinking aside for a while, you will find that the gnome can be headstrong, playful, imaginative or strict, amongst others. These characteristics may sometimes be at odds with your own characteristics as a human being. 

The gnome nature is focussed on expanding, on getting to know new possibilities, on gaining new experiences. 

The counterpart of the gnome nature is symbolically represented by the troll. The signals of the troll stem from the thinking and are focussed on surviving, security and power.

Especially if you shrink from your lessons, you prefer to follow the troll nature and to look for security outside yourself.

If you start thinking of reasons why you are doing something, you are on the troll side, you are wearing your ‘troll hat’. When acting from the gnome nature there is no intervention of thinking, but you follow signs that your essence offers you.

The workings of the troll are lesson material if you can see beyond them, and may help you to advance on your path.


Gnome Hats


Gnome hats come in all shapes and sizes

and even though you may not realize it,

with a hat like that you feel strong and spry,

because a gnome goes to work whistling, and why?


He sees what’s to be done, knows what is necessary.

So it is best to let him do the job calmly

and if you succeed in not dictating the law, you may

find unexpected opportunities come your way.

So give him a chance, let his look convince you

that rusted patterns can be bent, don’t need to continue.


And whether he is young or already grown up,

he will always point out things that suit you not.

He is enterprising, can put things into perspective:

‘Better luck next time, you’ll learn as long as you‘ll live’.

Awakening doesn’t come easily, it needs some exercise

and doesn’t everybody by trial and error become wise?


Even though earthly life is not always fun,

the gnome is with you from where it had begun.

He sometimes gives you a push, is your guide,

to lead you to your real core deep inside.


Sometimes a bit naughty, but everywhere a welcome guest,

that’s the gnome, who loves surprises and knows what’s best.



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