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Pure Thinking

Behind a windmill with turning wings lay vast cornfields.

In the entire neighbourhood is no house to be seen.

The green door of the mill opens and I enter.

The uneven floor is paved with cobbles and along the wall I see sacs.

From the centre of the floor I look up and see the height of the loft and the great rafters of the roof.

On the side is a narrow staircase without bannisters that goes up to the ridge of the roof.

Walking up these stairs cautiously I see several ropes and hinges around the millstones. 


Halfway the staircase is a small door leading to the reefing stage. Here the miller can adapt the sails of the mill in order to make the best use of the wind. From the reefing stage the panorama of the waving cornfield is fantastic.

When we show a windmill, we are talking about the workings of the thinking hat.

Because the cornfields were so close in this image, this symbol says something about pure thinking. A cornfield stands for nourishment from the essence, peace and quiet from the essence. It also shows that there can be fierce winds; the stalks are bent over but will rebound. They just move along with the unrest in life, but the nourishment is still present. Pure thinking is part of thinking, but the thinking hat is not in contact with pure thinking. Pure thinking is in touch with your own essence en has the possibility to nourish your thinking hat through the essence. Thus pure thinking can use the content of the thinking hat to offer a solution to a problem or an understanding, so that you will find words, images for it.

You may look at these images through your imagination, but the form will remain fairly scanty, flat without energy. If you let these images come to you through pure thinking, there is full energy attached: this energy comes from the essence and accompanies pure thinking.

The thinking hat is a comprehensive instrument, has many possibilities in its workings and contains many memories of this life. In pure thinking the essence collaborates. And yet, the human being thinks, I am on the right track. I find a certain thought makes me happy or sad.

As you know now, thoughts always arouse emotions.

When the thoughts come from pure thinking, there are no emotions attached.

That is the difference between normal thinking and pure thinking.

The small door and the reefing stage could be seen, through which pure thinking comes to the human being and can get out.

When an impulse comes through pure thinking, the human being experiences space in himself. This space indicates that pure thinking has so many possibilities, so many more levels than what a thinking hat can contain.

We see the thinking hat as a fairly compact prison in which thoughts are limited to the past and future of this earthly life: pure thinking is in touch with the NOW-moment.

The vastness and the possibilities of the essence are immeasurable, which is why it is much easier to get in touch with ‘all that is’ through pure thinking. That does not mean that it remains a process that takes place inside, as the reefing stage of the mill was also connected to the outside. And if you can ever more easily reach that in your daily life, you can, in your contact with human beings, get in touch with your essence every time. You are in the matter but also in touch with the World of Wisdom, so that you can see through things that are normally unclear to you.

The millstones in the first image are a symbol for the milling, the churning of thoughts.

In this case, talking of pure thinking, we see that the churning of the thinking hat is secondary to the affluence of your essence, of pure thinking.

And yet a human being may make off with it, because when he notices an impulse has occurred, he may find that very beautiful, he may feel blessed. And what does a human do then? He loves to share it with someone, brings it to his thinking hat and starts churning. Then the perception attached to it is lost and only a fairly scant sort of energy emanates from the thinking hat.

So when you find: my essence is offering me something and I can do something with it, then it was okay for that particular moment.

But when you talk about it with others later on, the perception gets void and here we have those millstones again.

If a human being has had an insight from his essence, he will notice little by little that his view is changing on all levels, because the essence grows breadthwise so that all the possibilities of your humanness are touched.

As a human being you can think with your thinking hat, This is a fine lesson but what about it? You can also let it drop down and leave it to the essence, then the essence may offer you something through pure thinking that will bring you further on your path.



The Word in the Wind.


Like the invisible wind easily finds any place on earth

And stirs where it goes a motion light as a bird

The world of the Spirit touches any of you

Who lives in the here and now.

The touch of this wind, a vibration so light

With nothing to match, just a feeling inside.


The Word of this Wind, silver in colour,

Goes around the earth, knocks on any door.

The human in the safe fortress of his home,

Does not welcome it, does not respond,

But this word endlessly told

Is and remains available until the human opens up.

When deep desires are recognized

And emerging qualities arise, still so unknown

And new worlds are discovered, deep inside

Then the human is on his way,

And the quest can begin.



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