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The World of Wisdom

The World of Wisdom is symbolized as a vast sea, and every essence is a drop in that sea.

In the World of Wisdom everything is present, from the coarsest to the finest vibration, because everything is okay, everything is important, everything counts and nothing is rejected. Every essence, also essences that go by a roundabout way and are in touch with dark and heavy energies, are helped on the path of consciousness towards the light.

As a human it is very difficult to imagine the World of Wisdom, which is why the teachers always use the symbol of a big swimming pool to explain it. This swimming pool includes a paddling pool, a beginner’s pool, a one-metre pool and a deep pool.
All the essences that have chosen the human form in order to gain experiences and expand their consciousness can be seen as drops of water in the paddling pool.
The essence first has to get to know the paddling pool thoroughly. Once it is fully conscious and really knows the paddling pool, it may move on to the beginner’s pool.

Here are new possibilities present and it may gain new experiences to grow in consciousness.



You human bobbing on that rough see,

Still unaware of me

And impressionable by any idea.

You let yourself be guided by thoughts and ideologies

And do not distinguish between the various energies.




I am not far; I am oh so near.

I am the All and you are part of me.

I am the vibration of the universe.

I am the sky in which your star will shine.

I am the swan that carries messages in your dreams

I am the white horse that your mind’s eye sees.




I am not far, but really near.

I am the All and you are part of me.

I am the bright look in your eyes,

I am the compassion and the source that makes you wise.




I am who you meet when you turn inward.

I am what one experiences in the sparkle on your face.

I am a memory until you recognize me

And finally stand up for who you really are to be.


After all, I am here and oh so near.

I am the All and you are part of me.

Through your being I express my quality

And thus you spread my energy.


So, son of man, bobbing on that rough see

You aren’t alone, you also carry me.



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