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Freedom of the Essence

Of a tree only the crown is visible, and on a branch a yellow-blue bird is whistling. Walking backwards I see the tree in its full glory: it is fully-grown. The tree stands solitarily in a green field.

The sun is shining and there is not a single cloud in the sky.

From a distance I can see that there is barbed wire round the field, which doesn’t at all fit in the atmosphere. From the barbed wire several paths disappear behind the horizon.


As you can see we began with the little bird on the branch. This little bird stands for freedom. The kind of freedom humans are constantly trying to find in their lives and it is strange that we put this bird on a branch in the crown of the tree. The tree is the symbol of material consciousness of the human being: we can subdivide the tree into roots, trunk and crown.

The trunk stands for the behaviour, the character and the possibilities of the human. The crown represents thinking, the thinking hat with all its content.

The roots stand for the contact with the source from which the human originates. Freedom, as we showed you, we find in the crown of the tree, that is, in the thinking hat.

However, the thinking hat is never free from influences from the youth, from religions and so on and we can say in advance: ‘There is no freedom to be found there.’

And yet, a large number of people have the feeling that they are free and have freedom of choice, freedom like ‘What do I want to eat, what shall I do today, which clothes shall I put on?’ We see a lot of indoctrinations and the human doesn’t at all recognize the freedom in himself. There is no freedom in the thinking hat, it is only fed by all sorts of contents of the thinking hat; the human who calls himself free, is not yet conscious.

As soon as the human becomes aware of what is inside his thinking hat, he will notice that he is not free at all and he has to comply with a vast number of things. If not for himself, then for his surroundings; family, children, partner. There are situations in which the human takes on a certain attitude to satisfy everyone around him and he hopes he is doing well in life.

Freedom doesn’t exist in thinking, freedom is only to be found in your essence.

The essence has been on this planet many times, experiencing all kinds of aspects of humanness: only the essence can make a choice in freedom.

But even then it still depends on the content it can have itself, as a fully conscious essence has experienced everything and can quietly make its proper choices and feel freedom.

An essence that is still on its way, however, unconsciously carries certain loads that influence and colour the choice it thinks it is making freely. We have to be very careful when speaking of freedom.

And yet, humans are always talking about freedom. Just look at the way a human looks at his own society, his own culture. ‘We are free in our doings and thinking’ he says. But if we look at this society, we cannot but say that this society too is full of rules.

In its various existences your essence has lived in all sorts of societies, and already has a fair bit of rules. You may well understand that these rules are still linked with your essence.

It seems a bit of a mishmash, of a chaos, and yet, the human thinks he is above it all and says: ’I am free’, which only makes us smile.

One cannot speak of freedom; we didn’t put barbed wire around the field for no reason.

A human who thinks he is free, is still fairly limited in his possibilities and this barbed wire means: ‘I am not allowed to enjoy freedom as I see fit.’

As soon as he gets in touch with other people, there is the barbed wire and the human notices through the stimuli he gets from outside, that his freedom is curtailed and that there is no sign of freedom at all.

Here we show how every human is in a straightjacket in which he thinks he is free, but that doesn’t match our view of this world.

We hope this lesson will help you to say: ‘Only now I am aware of my lack of freedom.’

It is not to imprison you, but once the human is aware of this lack of freedom, he can be free and bypass this lack of freedom.

It is not that the one automatically implies the other, but awareness is a prerequisite, the first condition to taste freedom in life.

We do hope that every one of you will taste this freedom in this life, because we know the principle: the freedom of the human is the supreme good; and that freedom we apply is fun, but we do see that the human doesn’t place this in its proper scope and doesn’t really understand how we mean freedom, because nobody really knows what freedom is.

Let’s have a look at this day.

How you got up this morning, until this moment; you have already made several steps, made several choices which have to do with some lack of freedom or other and sometimes you were thinking: ‘Gosh, this really feels free.’ Inspecting the past hours, we can see that it all starts the moment your alarm goes off. The fact that, the night before, you are already preparing yourself to wake up at a certain time, is no freedom, because last night you didn’t know how you would be feeling this morning.

Last night you already decided: tomorrow I will have to wake up at that particular time. On getting out of bed you may say: ‘First I will have a lovely breakfast’, and looking at this breakfast we see that a human always falls back on what he is used to. For example, he always has two slices of bread and if he thinks, I would actually love another slice of bread, the thinking hat immediately says: ‘No, you stick to your two slices of bread, you are used to that and you know it is good for you.’ That is lack of freedom.

This also happens while taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and so on.

A human may walk into the room and the first thing he does, is switch on the radio or the computer, because he doesn’t like silence.

The radio is turned on and the human says: ‘I freely choose this music.’

We don’t consider this freedom, these are just steps a human feels safe with.

The human is not aware of this, he thinks, Great, it’s Sunday, I can take it easy, I don’t have to go to work, I can watch TV or listen to the radio; but the fact is the human does this unthinkingly, which implies lack of freedom.

Now you are probably curious to know what our freedom is like?

We had to mention this first, so you know what your freedom is like. Now we would like to compare our freedom to yours, not to make you smaller, not to punish you, but we see freedom as something a human should be conscious of.

Only when a human is aware of all his lack of freedom, he can freely choose, keeping in mind the possibilities he has at that moment.

At the same time we show that our freedom doesn’t mean licentiousness; many humans have the feeling that licentiousness means freedom, no bans, no God, no rules I have to comply with and that’s my freedom.

If you know that the World of Wisdom implies many laws and your essence has countless possibilities, you will understand that freedom has nothing to do with licentiousness, but only taking into account the possibilities of your essence.

These are all limits the human has, but nevertheless we say that once a human is aware of that, he will be able to be free in his choices and this freedom surpasses what binds him to the material.

That particular freedom can only exist the moment you know what the consequences are, what the content is, what the patterns are you are bound to.

All these colourings, all these aspects of your daily life, also your character and the genetic material, can lead to real freedom, and then we speak of the same freedom.

If, in accordance with his essence, the human does what his essence offers, there will be a continuous flow backwards and forwards between his essence and the World of Wisdom

No more limits, only those limits the essence is still carrying, and the limits of the genetic material and the character.

The human experiences this freedom in the flow and at the same time he realizes, In this flow I no longer have a need for freedom.

That is strange of course, as a human is looking for freedom, he thinks he needs this freedom, whereas a human who is really fully conscious, no longer cares about freedom, he knows all IS and he thinks it okay.



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