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I see an old, light blue car, a T-ford model. The grille at the front of this car is particularly striking and behind it I can see a brown coloured cloth. On both sides of the grille are the headlights.

I look in the rearview mirror and see that it is broken, so my face is reflected a number of times.

I continue and look at the wheels and the open spokes strike me.

The motor is switched on and the muffler spews black smoke.

I come to the driver’s side.

The door is open and the door pocket is stuffed with comic books.

When we speak of a car, we are referring to the means of transport of your essence. You can see the vehicle as your body. And the light blue colour says something about Knowing.

This Knowing that stems from your essence is what your essence has obtained through various experiences in the course of many lives. It means that there is a source of Knowing inside of you.

And this Knowing sometimes surfaces for a moment through your thinking, your emotions, or your actions, but we see that this is still very limited.

You know much more in your essence than you show in your daily life. And we want to stir up this Knowing, so that you can reach it more easily in your daily life and although the Knowing will not be in line with the accepted standards of this society, you will feel inside: this is my truth!

You will also find out that truths can be totally different.

We hear all those who feel the urge to get further on the path of consciousness say: ‘We are all on our way to THE truth, aren’t we?’

But THE truth doesn’t exist in the World of Wisdom, because every essence has its own truth.

The contents of essences can’t be compared because every essence has followed its own track in the course of its physical lives and that is how it has chosen its own path of consciousness through its experiences.

This truth is therefore unique for that essence and is of a calibre that sometimes doesn’t at all match the standards, the rules and the truths of society. But when a human is already further on his path, he can only keep listening to his own truth, sometimes against the current of society, family, friends, and acquaintances and such, so against all the networks humans use.

Here you can sometimes feel very lonely, because your own truth can’t be shared with others, especially because every human is unique. Even though you pronounce yourself to others, they will never pick up the core of your truth. And yet we say: ‘In our view every truth is good you only have to get that conviction for yourself.’

Therefore we showed you the light blue car, so that you can see that your body is also the vehicle of your own truth and that this vibration of truth may flow through your body.

It would be good if you asked yourself whether you live according to your own image of truth, or if it is a truth that you began to believe through religions, esoteric books or courses in various paranormal techniques. That’s why we showed the door pocket of the car that was stuffed with comic books, because the human, who obtains his truth through external channels, seems to be sailing a different course, but it is still not his truth. Which truth is real for me or what do I believe? Are my principles, which have served as a guideline in my life up till now, in line with what my essence really wants?

You will notice that we use the verb believe, because generally speaking it is common language to many people. But the human believes only through the thinking hat, because his essence knows, his essence will never believe. It can only learn and know through experiences what suits him.

So we dislike the word believe, we don’t use it.

We know that in this society faith, religions, rules are generally established because everyone has been spoon-fed with them. Therefore it is not strange that each of you uses the word believe and that you live according to these acquired views.

We want to oppose our view to these.

We want to show you that in the World of Wisdom there is nothing that needs to be believed and that the only norm for you is your own essential force, your own working power with your own truth.

It is not that we are preaching revolution against all currents, but we know that your essence needs this society in order to keep on learning, and that the opposing force of all these rules is necessary, especially in order to discover your own truth.

We make a distinction between the knowing that belongs to your essence, and conscience.

The human often reacts from his conscience, but calls it knowing. Conscience has to do with acquired rules, especially from religious dogmas and when the human makes use of it, he denies himself new experiences.

Conscience involves rigidity, because the human keeps opening new drawers in his thinking hat in which he can find images of things past, that have been learned, and he doesn’t give himself the opportunity to adjust his images. Everything is already fixed, but we see that these are limits that the human imposes on the development of his own consciousness.

Knowing is a truth that an essence has experienced. It welcomes new experiences, because it feels the urge to continue developing. After all, that is the reason why it descended on this planet again in the first place. But the human, who feels safe with what his thinking hat sees as the truth, will resist new images and insights with tooth and nail.

We will illustrate this with an example: when we take a look at Christianity, there is big talk about virtues. The virtue to help the other, the virtue to give time and attention to the other, the virtue to give the other space, the virtue to be modest and so on.

And these are rules that each of you have been taught at an early age, so that it has become a truth for you.

When the human lives according to what faith has told him, for example: ‘I have to lend the other a helping hand’ and if you don’t do that and choose for yourself, you get agitated. Your essence doesn’t like virtues; an essence can only be totally itself.

And when the human listens to his essence, so listens to who he really is, then he too can be solely, totally himself, he doesn’t question anymore and he no longer colours his behaviour.

Whereas a human who lives according to rules mentioned above thinks, How virtuous am I, how modest am I, how loving am I or how much space do I give the other?

Now you wonder of course if that doesn’t make you very selfish?

That is often used as an argument, but see it as the opinion of someone who doesn’t get any space with you.

You will not call yourself selfish, but the other might be disappointed and would have preferred a pat on the head, preferred you to sit beside him for a while to listen to his story.

And when you say: ‘I don’t like this at all’, the other says: ‘Oh, isn’t he selfish.’

But you will not find these words in the World of Wisdom, because paying attention to somebody else is, most of the time, not something that is in line with your own essence.

Your essence often doesn’t want to know how somebody else is doing and it has enough minding its own business.

So it is a bit strange to start a greeting with: ‘How are you?’ We often see that this question is usually meant to provoke an invitation to tell one’s own story.

When you get to talk to Magda, you will often notice that she never asks at all how you are and never says: ‘So nice that you are doing this’, and that is the best way.

This way you are honest to each other and that honesty stems from the essence.

So honesty has nothing to do with emotion, has nothing to do with rules.

It only means that at that moment the essence indicates something the human listens to.

When one is regularly confronted with humans who use labels, it might mean that the essence has adopted the lesson to discover what really suits it.

You as a human then have the choice, Do I stand for the human that I really am, the light blue car, or do I live according to acquired rules?

Another example: through all sorts of regulations the human in this society is very strongly confronted with matters of health, with what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

Here we see that the human uses the label of virtue.

Because when the human takes into account the environment, does a lot of sports, eats healthily etc. he complies with the standards.

When you know that every human is unique, the imposed rules don’t necessarily match what your essence wants from you.

Only your essence can indicate: this suits me or not, and this is the only thing that you have to take into consideration.

This way life will become a lot easier for you, otherwise you will dissipate your energy and you will be busy with what others think of you.

This is what the rearview mirror stands for at the beginning of this story.

But when you just keep following your essence you will no longer question that and it no longer matters to you what somebody else thinks of you.

But someone who still has a sensitive spot here, still has to learn his own lessons, observes how others react to him, adapts to them, because he is still not sure of his own path.

One of the rules that the human has learned in his life, is that one is not allowed to criticize anything that comes from the World of Wisdom, what the religions call Heaven.

One is supposed to listen to this respectfully, because they know the truth about everything and we’d better be grateful for receiving a scrap of grace.

But grace is nothing but the energy that we give you, we feed your essence, and your essence knows how to assess the quality and quantity of this food.

The essence will let the energy flow to those spots in your body where there is possible pain, but this energy can also flow to a spot that has to do with mental or spiritual suffering.

So here you already see that our energy is always looking for the best way in which the human and the essence can be helped.

You may compare grace to an empty bottle, no more than that.

And everybody has to be grateful…, that is actually the last thing we ask of you.

Instead we want you to respect yourself and live your life according to who you really are. And if this implies that you find it necessary to give us a torrent of abuse, we will accept that. Because every human has a thinking hat and thoughts call up emotions, for example: anger.

When the human still identifies with his body, then he is that emotion, he is angry.

Also when a human is further on his path, he is never free from emotions, but he can observe these emotions and even laugh about his anger.

We do not judge, but see everyone’s growing pains.

And just like every parent knows that the child learns by trial and error, we will let you walk your own path and watch protectively and intervene when needed.

Our concerns involve your essence and what it needs on its path of consciousness: what you need as a human moves us less.

You leave your vehicle, your body behind, but your essence moves on in the World of Wisdom. And then it is marvellous for your essence to know that we are there and that you don’t have to do your best and can just be who you are.

You have learned that you first have to go to confession or have to be confirmed otherwise you go to purgatory or hell.

Know that these don’t exist with us. Each of you comes to us.

We are not a separate part, the World of Wisdom is all, and with us there is a place for everyone’s truth.

There is not just one truth, every layer of consciousness has its own truth, and even the ultimate truth has many colours.

All that matters is what the human is able to do, and this depends on his degree of consciousness at that moment.

Every human looks at the subject with his own experiences, with his own background, and everything we pass on the human can understand up to the vibration he has at his disposal and that is the ultimate truth for him.

And even if he heard the truth from us, he still wouldn’t be able to grasp.

This is the way it works, this is development.


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