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Full Consciousness


Consciousness means that the human being is conscious of the things he does or says, or the things that are happening all around. For instance, when a human is sleeping, he isn’t conscious of it. 

In the beginning a baby is not yet conscious of its surroundings. Step by step we observe how it develops and perceives more and more of the surroundings. After a few weeks there is contact with the parents and later with the surroundings. The child starts moving about and making sounds. The movements are uncontrolled at first, and gradually the child can grab things and crawl. The same goes for sounds that slowly change from babbling to words. After a while the words become sentences and the time comes when the child asks counter-questions, the notorious why-phase.                                                                  

The example of the baby represents a small part of the development a human goes through in life in order to reach adulthood. In this adulthood too are numerous phases.

At a certain moment in time this human also finds himself in the why-phase:
'Who am I? Why am I here on this earth? What is the object of my presence here?' 

This is the first step towards fuller consciousness.

The moment these questions pop up, the human has already lived many material lives. In these lives he has gained experiences that are stocked in the ‘essence’ of the human being.

Mostly the human being will not talk of the essence; he usually uses the word ‘soul’. 


The drive a human being feels to find answers to these questions comes from the essence that strives for fuller consciousness. In the time between two material lives the essence stays in the World of Wisdom again and experiences there that it cannot yet be part of All that Is. That’s why the essence feels the urge to go on learning and returns to this planet. The essence actually descends again and again in a human body. That means that it is not about who you are outwardly but who you are essentially.

When pregnant women say that they feel ‘life’, an essence has descended having chosen this environment to go on learning. 

When a human being has ‘woken up’ and starts asking himself the questions above, he has got to the beginning of the ‘blue vibration’. The human at the beginning of the ‘blue vibration’ has completed the ‘orange, yellow and green vibration’ in former lives, comparable to the unconscious phases of a baby.

The vibrations in the different colours match the chakras.

To reach full consciousness all the colour vibrations of the chakras and the lessons attached have to be completed and understood. Being underway to full consciousness takes many lives, depending on the fact whether a human being wants to learn the lessons his essence has brought along.


The essence that learns its lessons time and time again, will gradually gain a broader view of the material life, the spiritual life, but especially of itself.

It knows what it is, knows its strong and weak points and accepts itself. It is only then that we speak of a fully conscious human being. 

Thus, full consciousness implies that the human being knows the spiritual world, the material world and is in touch with both.

On the outside it is never possible to see whether a human is fully conscious or not. This human may quietly smoke a cigarette with you, eat fish and chips at a stall, but he is always conscious of the messages that come to him from inside, from his essence. These messages are far more important to him than the expectations and messages that reach him from the outside world.

He sees through his relations and no longer depends on them. He still rather likes keeping his contacts but dislikes keeping these contacts up, as he wants to keep his great freedom. A fully conscious human is actually right in the heart of society and often feels responsible for the wellbeing of mankind.

A fully conscious has also seen beyond his emotions, he may still have them because he is in a body, but he no longer sees them as part of himself and no longer identifies with them.

From the outside it is difficult to see whether someone is fully conscious, but be sure that humans who only live for their tasks, and don’t want followers, status or financial gain, are fully conscious.

A fully conscious human can no longer live anyway else than in the present moment, otherwise he would lose contact with the impulses from his essence, that is, from the World of Wisdom.


Now we can go a bit further. When a human IS the task, the essence is boundless and becomes part of the ALL-POWER.

The ALL-POWER is, as you call it, God. Maybe you have read in the bible that Jesus said: ‘I am the way, truth and life’. What is actually meant is: ‘I am the task and part of the World of Wisdom’. And this is what you are all heading for. 


‘So, when I am fully conscious, will I be an angle’?

No, certainly not! Then you will have accepted yourself with everything you have in you, with all that belongs to you!


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