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In a silver bowl lie all sorts of fruit and in particular I see a banana, an orange and a plum.

Between the fruit I see little people; they are gnomes peeping through the fruit and trying to climb on top of a fruit. It is quite a jolly business in that fruit bowl.

Slowly the fruit bowl disappears from my sight but later I see it on a set table.

'The text below focuses on Dutch culture. Each culture has its own customs, traditions and culinary preferences. Now we could adapt the text, but each language is spoken in a different country with its own customs. Of course you know which customs apply to your culture and your country. So take a look at examples for your specific culture.'

We know that your body needs fruit and these images have to do with the nature of your body, your health, something that leaves much to be desired for some people. But if you listen to the natural force of your body, because that is what the peeping gnomes are, you get messages and know which food suits you, and what vitamins you need. That also goes for vegetables.

Many people are very trendy in their food choices and like Italian of Asian food, pasta and rice dishes for instance and prefer that over Dutch food.

Mostly because of the spicy flavours in these dishes, so that Dutch dishes are hardly ever served as their taste is blander than all those exotic dishes.

You chose to be born in this country, this culture and the fruit and vegetables belong in this culture too, they belong to your body. All that exotic food doesn’t suit your body.

We know that many delicious dishes and snacks have to do with foreign spices and herbs.

But as a result of the spices and herbs, we see ailments because humans are not listening to the real needs of their bodies.

Just presume that you weren’t born in this country for nothing. And the national character, the possibilities this country offers in the way of vegetables and fruit, are necessary for someone born in the Netherlands. We know that humans don’t look at it like this, but do try and turn back to what really suits you. You will see that you will start feeling much better.

You may say: ‘But all those delicious things…?’ It means that the spices a human keeps choosing, will have to be ever spicier. At some point you get used to a certain spice, and then you have to add something to experience the taste again. However, that taste experience just has to do with a sensory possibility of the taste buds in your mouth. It has nothing to do with who you really are.

Quite a few people have lost contact with their body, with what the body really needs; they keep complaining and go to the chemist’s and to their GP and have all sorts of check-ups, instead of listening. The possibilities of your own natural force are very much present. And when you say: ‘I go to the shop and let my body guide me’, then you will find that you won’t fancy all those pastas anymore, or all those exotic fruit and veg. You will go to the beans, the sprouts and the cauliflower, to everyday vegetables that people perceive as so ordinary.

The signs from the body will direct you to them.

We do hope that you will really try to turn back to that food, but of course, everybody has to choose for himself whether he wants this or not.

It is as if we are giving orders, but that is not the case. We just offer you a choice: this is what you are doing now, and that is what suits you.

And then you can choose, either you follow your taste sensation, or you try to feel again what your body really needs.

We saw all that fruit in a silver bowl.

Your material consciousness has a golden vibration, but your essential consciousness has a silver vibration. And if we want to explain Dutch food and foreign food to you, we say: ’Your essential consciousness knows’, and shows you: it is not for nothing that I have opted for a body in this culture, this society, and that comes with Dutch fruit, with Dutch vegetables.

It is not just the energy, the natural force of your body that tells you this, but also the energy of your essence knows all about it and has clearly opted for descending into this culture.

It shows that you have strayed far from your own path with your thinking hat. When people have a meal together, they don’t want to eat carrot stew. No, because when someone is invited, the most exotic dishes are served like: I know what is good, I know what is delicious. I know I am a good cook and I will let you all enjoy it. But actually it shows that you live your life from your thinking hat and do not listen to what your essence tells you.

We hope that you go back to what you actually hear from inside, to the impulse from within. And that you will try that flat taste again. That you will experience again that the vegetables from the heavy Dutch clay have this full flavour. You have strayed off and have steered your taste buds into a certain direction and given off certain messages that do not at all belong to your body.

Once used to the spicy taste, stolid Dutch cooking is often found plain, and to make it tasty it would need at least half the salt cellar.

So you may understand that the signals you give to your body have to do with a wrong signal saying: ‘What you want is no good, you have to do what I want.’ And what ‘I want’ is only in your thinking hat. So your thinking hat says: ‘I want to follow this trend, and try everything exotic’, but your body says: ‘No thanks, let’s keep to Dutch cooking.’ But you decide what your thinking hat says and you don’t listen to the message your body sends you. This is only to show how far you have strayed from yourself. And yet, a human being says: ‘I am quite far on the way to full consciousness.

Lots of wondrous things are happening in my life.’ But the ordinary daily needs of a body are completely ignored.

Then you may say: ‘Yes, but am I on my way? Lots of things are happening, and I more and more understand what life is all about, what the World of Wisdom and religion are all about’, but if you don’t even remember the basic needs, your starting point is not so good. And the starting point just shows that you are trying to hold on through your thinking hat, to get control of your life, but mostly to follow the trendiness that this society is prone to, as to what you put on your plate.

You know that the Dutch language is quite difficult for a foreigner, and we Dutch always adapt.

So the moment you meet a foreigner, you will try to master that particular foreign language in order to communicate openly with the other, who doesn’t make any effort to find out how it sounds in Dutch.

That says something about your nature. It is in the nature of the Dutch to hang on the foreigner’s lips and to try and adapt.

It is not just the fact that all of you can make contact with other cultures through the internet or see them on TV. It is actually in your nature that you constantly go beyond your own limits.

Yet your essence says: ‘I have chosen the Dutch culture, so why are you looking beyond the borders?’ As if the Netherlands as such are slightly inferior. We don’t want to foster chauvinism. We would just like to see a bit more of the national character in your needs, in your possibilities, in your view of yourself; because that is the base that sends messages to your body through your own natural force.

And that natural force is connected to the terrestrial energy that you absorb through the chakras. So we just say: ‘You as a true Dutchman, make use of the energy available in this place!’ You pass that on to your body that thrives on it. And this energy enters you via the red terrestrial energy, because that matches your own body. But on the other hand there is an opening in which you put all kinds of foreign stuff.

You may well imagine the terrible struggle that is going on in your body.

Do ask your essence: ‘What belongs to me and what doesn’t?’

And chuck all the foreign food!

Everything in your body, muscles, bowels, liver, gallbladder etc. has only manifested itself through the energy needed in this place.

But through all those titbits the body is confronted with strong spices and it cannot deal with them.

That’s why it is not surprising that so many people have physical complaints and are constantly in and out of doctors’ surgeries. They hope to feel better again once they swallow antacids, laxatives or tranquillizers.

Once you are aware of this and take it to heart, you will spend a great deal less money, your health insurance will be cheaper and you will find that you will start feeling healthier and your complaints disappear.

When you observe what happens when the weather is good, for instance in early spring, we see people go outside, enjoy the snowdrops and the first crocuses peeking through, and people feel in their element.

They are in contact with the base again, and then we see an urge for Dutch food or a salad. They feel: I don’t need those spices, I am warm inside and it was gorgeous to be outside on this sunny day.

We then see that the need for spices isn’t at all present.

The human being has been in contact with the base of this society, of this culture, this country the essence has opted for.

Then there is a direct line from your essence to your humanness.

When the weather is good the human has a strong urge to put on cheerful clothes, to be elated and outgoing.

It seems that the sun is responsible for that mood, but we only see an interaction between what the soil, the climate and your body have to offer.

These three elements form a triangle, are complementary and show a fullness in which the human feels comfortable.

That is what we would like to see back in every one of you.

Not that the sun has to shine for you to feel good again, but you just have to use your body and the terrestrial energy again, and you show yourself again from what your essence offers.

Even if the snow is laying thick outside it may be that your essence tells you that you have to put on a cheerful summer top.

Nobody will tell you that that isn‘t good for you; but a human goes to his thinking hat and thinks, Yes but with that cold I should put on a sweater, or he thinks that surely the people at work also wear sweaters in dark colours.

That’s the way it works with everybody and you are all like that.

And yet we say: ‘If you listen to the energy of your own essence, the silver energy, your essence will point out something cheerful in your wardrobe, without you having to be cold.’

Being cold means that you aren’t in contact with the energy in your body, rather than a gust of wind that makes you cold.

The human can stay warm even in the bitterest cold, as long as the blood keeps flowing. And what makes the blood flow? The fact that you make total use of your body. In making total use of your body, you can always keep your feet warm, even if it is a few degrees below zero. It says more about how you treat your body, if you give your body what it really needs. You can dress against the cold, and if you are still cold and go along with the trend that spicy food will warm you up, then you are straying from your path again.

What you felt in that lovely weather and the solar energy that entered you and found resonance in the silver bowl, corresponding to the possibilities of your body, felt wonderful.

The subject we have broached here is very important to us, because so many people have physical complaints these days. We hope you will take this to heart and that you will listen to what your body needs, to the signals it sends out. We cannot be by your side when you walk round the supermarket, and push you into a certain direction, only you can do that.

It is not about what is healthy and what isn’t, it’s about your body’s needs. And you don’t have to pay heed to the standard advice for a proper diet, because we don’t think that very healthy, as if all bodies need the same.

No, you are unique, your body is unique and when you listen to your body, you will come home with things of which you think, My thinking hat would never have chosen that.

We just say: ‘Enjoy your meal!’


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