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On entering a shoe-shop a large pile of shoes catches the eye straightaway. They are piled in a mess. Clogs, stiletto heels, boots, hiking shoes, flip-flops; in short, shoes in all sizes, models and colours together form this pile. Nowhere in the shop there is a spot where the shoes are arranged neatly and clearly. It is just an incredible chaos. It takes a long time to find shoes that form a pair; they are messed up.

The heap of shoes, of which the colours do not match, give off an energy that does not feel pleasant. It looks as if a stretch of fog forms, so that the vision gets hazy and blurry.

In the language of the World of Wisdom a shoe is the symbol of a standpoint. And you always find standpoints in your own thinking hat. You have already seen that there were lots of shoes of all sorts and colours; both men’s shoes and women’s shoes, elegant, threadbare and worn shoes.

This shows that no one can say: ‘I am free of standpoints.’

Every human has several standpoints in his thinking hat and these standpoints can actually hinder you in your progress to full consciousness.

For a standpoint is never your own, but was planted in your thinking hat at a young age. A baby is not born blank, only its thinking hat is blank, and everything that that child is told, is stored in the thinking hat and as time goes by, a tangle of all kinds of standpoints is formed in that thinking hat.

These standpoints have been provided by parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, the neighbourhood, school and also by the church. The best thing would be to get rid of these standpoints, so that the thinking hat gets a little emptier and you start seeing what really is part of you.

For the human who is looking for a broader perspective of himself, a larger consciousness, who feels the urge to progress, that human is constantly drawn to his own thinking hat. And then this human wants to abandon the thinking hat, but whenever the human wants to concentrate on something, the thinking hat comes in between, making him slightly chaotic. Everyone recognizes this.

So if you want to make progress on your path, it is a matter of knowing what your standpoints are, but also of letting them go, leave them behind, as if you were saying: ‘Okay, these were the standpoints of my parents, but they are not mine, away with them!’

That is how you clear your own thinking hat.

The moment you are fully conscious, you have a direct line from your essence to your thinking hat and then only thoughts can arise that are fed by your essence. Then you get a totally different perspective of the world, you no longer depend on other people and you feel a freedom in yourself.

That shows how important it is to scrutinize your standpoints.

Somebody who has made some progress on his path and who has picked up a certain standpoint, can even hear in his mind whose standpoint it is, for example his father or his mother and in what situation that happened.

They thought they were doing well to pass them on to him. But they are the standpoints of the parents and not of the child. The child is only bothered by them. This does not mean that they were bad parents; it is only because the parents also were on their way and did not know any better, for their thinking hats, too, were fed by the standpoints of their parents and that goes back to earlier generations.

Perhaps you can imagine that every standpoint in your thinking hat has different colour vibrations of different people. This is also shown by these shoes in all their colourings.

For you have picked up certain standpoints which belong to the orange or the green vibration and these chakra colours are also being stored in your thinking hat through these standpoints.

Just imagine what a mess it is in your head and how troublesome it is to look at and to let go. A human cannot manage and will have to clear up first.

That is why we ask you to find out what standpoint regularly comes to your mind and how you handle it.

Are you able to let go or are emotions suddenly being stirred up? For thoughts tend to evoke emotions. This shows that a thought is energy and that this energy disappears into your nervous system.

These thoughts can have quite an effect on your nervous system, possibly resulting in depression or anger, or…

You may also find that certain standpoints came from your parents and that you want to get rid of them but notice that an emotion comes to the surface.

You might wonder if you are still faithful, loyal to your parents. They do not feel okay, those standpoints they have passed on, but yet, you do love your parents...

Or you think, This standpoint did bring me very far and why must I abandon it now?

These are possible examples that may arise at the moment you start looking what standpoints are present in your thinking hat.

A human may have got that far that he sees through the standpoints of his parents and the religions and abandons them, but at a certain moment he discovers esoteric books. These are full of standpoints and replace all personal standpoints.

So you must get rid of all these standpoints as well.

Do you regularly wonder, What standpoint is still bothering me?

The best thing would be to have no standpoints at all and that you only start seeing, What is it that holds good for me, what is my experience, how do I go along with the flow of who I really am in direct contact with my teacher?

Your essence is always in contact with us, only your humanness does not experience that yet, because all these obstacles are still present in your thinking hat. It would be nice if you get into personal contact with us and you can put direct questions to us and that you get direct answers from us.

We are there to help you, to make you progress on your path to being fully conscious.


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