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The Psychic World

The teacher appears on roller skates, dressed in a long silver robe.

He is very big and does his utmost to stay in balance, but I see him struggling on those roller skates.

Now he lets himself roll, stretches his hands out in front of him and rolls against a long wall.

There are small, semicircular windows in different places and at different heights in this wall. There is no regular pattern, some are at some distance of each other, others are very close. In some windows are flowers, others are broken.

The windows have wooden frames, most of them dark brown, one is white and the rest is of a dirty blue colour.

The wall is badly made, the bricks are lain higgledy-piggledy and some of the jointing has disappeared.

In places the wall has turned a mouldy white.

Some tough little blades of grass grow hesitatingly at the foot of the wall.

What is striking in this image is that I was on roller skates.

Roller skates mean that the human being sometimes wants to move forward fast and thinks he can rush through his lessons.

But you saw I was struggling to stay on my feet, to keep in balance.

It means that, because of the speed, the human being loses his balance in life.

I could no longer keep my balance, wanted to stop, but rolled into a wall.

The wall stands for the human being who is searching.

The semicircular windows say something about the moments when a human being thinks he sees a passage, a ray of hope, has an aha-experience.

The windows at different heights but also the different colour vibrations show the human who is searching in the psychic world with all its techniques, with all its possibilities, but fed by the earthly powers.

When you look at this wall, you see that he bricks are higgledy-piggledy. Many joints have disappeared. This means that these are all unconnected situations and that there is no unity, no consistency.

This wall also indicates that the human being crashes and cannot continue if he keeps looking for all sorts of possibilities in this society. However, the world from which I teach comes from the inside.

You are then on the vertical line of thinking and you are in touch with your own natural force.

When a human being is only busy with techniques, is searching there, he is just on the horizontal line of thinking and focussed on the outer world.

You can also imagine that when a human being thinks he is developing, but is focussed on the different possibilities in this culture, this society, he will continuously run into the wall that he erects himself.

I now get back to the empty joints: a human being in the purple vibration has the possibility to see the world in different ways and to make these into one.

This means, however, that he must have a certain level of consciousness and he can only reach this level through the female component.

When a human being is just focussed on psychic things, and makes contact with the different possibilities of vibrations, it means that the human being doesn’t address the female component, but makes contact with the spiritual senses, through the antennae of his thinking hat. If the human being only works in the blue vibration and then uses the different vibrations, without finding any coherence, he will lose contact with reality.

And the reality of the matter is very important for every human.

You tend to use the viewing holes, the semicircular windows. But these windows were in a wall with mouldy patches.

And this wall tells you that you merely follow the well-known paths.

You should see this as a visit to psychics, to people with another view of the world. In the meantime you do look for people who more or less share your ideas of how you think things work.

This is because this human has developed his spiritual senses in the blue vibration.

I often see people walking round with ‘antennae’, picking something up from others, for instance in passing or in conversations. Especially the human being in the blue vibration loves making this known and he calls it his intuition, but it is just the workings of his spiritual senses, of his antennae.

It also means that this is a quality of the body. It doesn’t mean that that person is in touch with his essence. It only means that the human being in the blue vibration has the possibility to set his antennae in order to pick up terrestrial forces.

There are several possibilities of the workings of the spiritual senses:

-  The human has the capacity to focus his own energy on a sick part of the body that can get better, heal in that way.
-  The human in the blue vibration will sometimes have the idea that there is a voice at the back of his head, in his neck. That is clairaudience.
-  The human can sometimes see images through the images of his day-conscience. He experiences a double view. This is clairvoyance.

When a human gets in touch with the workings of the spiritual senses for the first time, he sees it as a special gift. It is even called like that. As something that has been offered to him.

He very often uses the word ‘allow’: ‘I am allowed to see this’, or ‘I am allowed to feel this’.

But when a human accepts that he has these possibilities as part of his material consciousness, he will use them wisely because they are part of himself. As long as he doesn’t accept them as part of himself, and will not accept the responsibility, he will remain in the first level of consciousness.

He can only pass on to the second degree when he sees them as part of his own spiritual consciousness.

The human who is halfway through the blue vibration will find psychic events actually void to him and are only visited because of a thirst of sensation.

And a hello from Auntie Jane is not very uplifting, as these essences also have a right to privacy.

The human in the blue vibration often has the feeling that what he thinks he grabs is the truth from the World of Wisdom. But the human hasn’t as yet developed a number of layers in himself, he can only pick up what is at his level, and the image he gets will always be full of gaps.

This is because the psychic mode only has to do with the material consciousness, using the planet forces.

It doesn’t tell anything about someone’s consciousness of the essence.

It doesn’t tell anything about someone’s consciousness of the view of himself.

A lot of people in the blue vibration who experience the workings of the spiritual senses, think that that is, in fact, the World of Wisdom, but it is a golden cage in which they lock in themselves and where they don’t make any progress in their own development.

That human being likes to know how other people are, he also wonders about them and opens up. And he thinks he is doing good or can offer help, but what he picks up is just emotion and certainly just something from the material terrestrial force, without any deeper meaning.

The human in the blue vibration likes to show off what he sees, hears or feels and that is often uninvitedly imposed on someone.

The human who shows off, thinks the other is just waiting for that, but many people don’t at all like to be told something about themselves: it is just an incursion on one's privacy.

I can image, however, that because you are in the blue vibration, it is a bit hard to hear this. You thought you were doing good.

And now I gather all this on to one big heap and sweep the entire heap from the table. Meaning: this is of no value for you, for your own development.

The human who picks something up through his antennae, is at a standstill.

When he advances on his path, he will find that his antennae are no longer so refined because he has turned inwards and passes into the purple vibration.

He no longer uses his antennae, because that would make him focus on the outer world again.

And the human who got a bit of ‘I’ out of that, feels amputated, because he thought he had a function in this world, and now this function turns out to be void.


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