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Newsletter 1

November 2021




This is the first newsletter on the new international website of the World of Wisdom Foundation!
Everything is new, but not new at the same time because the World of Wisdom Foundation is a continuation of the Passage School Foundation, which, for a number of years, has guided humans in the form, both inside and outside the school, on their path of consciousness development and continues to do so on an international level.

As you may know, the World of Wisdom is always changing and the teachers felt it was time to take a new path with many discoveries and lots to learn for everyone.

New possibilities will be developed to get acquainted with the World of Wisdom.
We will keep you posted in the newsletter and on news flash 


News Flash

Would you like to be kept up to date of all the changes and new developments of the World of Wisdom? Subscribe to News Flash and you will receive messages per e-mail.


By way of this web site we offer the possibility to get to know the World of Wisdom online and to start off on a voyage of discovery.
The texts were taken from books and the meetings held in The Netherlands and range from a first introduction with a different approach to a broader and deeper view.

´Travel Agency me to Me´ takes you on a voyage of discovery in a more playful way.
You may see it as a kind of ‘online spiritual meeting’, where we give information and we also want to share ‘the theory in practice’ with you.


The texts about deepening are being translated at this very moment and will be published later. There will then, of course, be a new newsletter on the site and if you have subscribed to the news flash, you will be notified by mail.

Soon there will also be explanations of the symbols on the site.


Energy treatments

New: now there is the possibility to apply for a remote energy treatment on this site in English. Want to know more? Click here.



The series of ‘Silver’ booklets, in which various subjects are treated in a simple way with beautiful illustrations, has been enriched in English with a new title: Silver and the Thinking Hat.

Click on Silver to go to the site web with the booklets. There are also Silver booklets in German and French, and even five in Swedish. The translation team is working hard to make even more Silver titles available internationally (in Dutch there are some eleven titles now).


Little Paper

On the occasion of the online launch of the website in English we have written a theme paper Autumn and Liberty. Click here to read it.

We hope that we have given you a bit of the feel of the developments that have taken place in recent times and invite you to join us on the path.

We wish you inspiring reading!

The editor’s team

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