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Perpetrators and Victims

It’s a pleasure walking along a sunken lane. The path is overgrown with soft springy moss and has a light green colour. From the rising earthy brown banks little roots are protruding from the earth, and halfway up the banks young tree shoots are pushing through. The energy present is full and feels beneficial.

I can see the teacher approaching, strolling calmly towards me on this path. On his back he carries a rake, a hoe and a harrow. The harrow is a square iron or wooden frame with prongs at equal distances from one another, and is used to break up the soil.

He carries over his left shoulder a strap which hangs diagonally onto his right hip, the middle part of which functions as a slit pocket.

The teacher puts his hand in this pocket, grabs a handful of seeds and scatters them with a sweeping gesture. His posture emanates abundant energy.

Anyone can imagine, when walking down a sunken lane with the soft green moss muting the sounds, how it gives one a feeling of being protected. You also saw me in the image above carrying all sorts of agricultural tools on my back.

We are going to discuss how the World of Wisdom prepares the earth and plants the seeds of the essences of all those who have lessons to learn on this planet.

You also noticed the harrow frame, a tool for working the earth loose; and having broken up the earth I was then able to sow the seeds. In the same way your essence is constantly being prepared to receive precisely that which we consider to be good for your essence.

Falling on bountiful earth, as it is spoken about in the Bible, signifies that we have the means to help you along your path.

When you look around in this society you can see many things going on, including a lot of excesses of behaviour relating to outbursts of violence, blood and mayhem – and yet, we are preparing this earth.

When you watch these excesses and see how humans react towards one another, and the way various cultures inter-react – the various methods employed for hurting each other – human imagination seems to have no limits.

We only have to look at the Second World War and how a population group was tortured and killed, and the cruel and inhuman way in which this was handled.

And then along I come with my pocket full of seeds and say: ‘The World of Wisdom affects this’.

From the examples of these past events we are also often aware that man has been led to wonder, Does God exist? Is it possible that heaven exists? because what we are going through is hell.

And yet I can only say: ‘God is here, the World of Wisdom is here, but I can also see the actions of the human hand involved in this.’

We do not wish to vindicate ourselves by saying: ‘All the good works are of our doing, and the bad deeds come from human beings.’ But when you are introduced further into the vibrations of material consciousness, it might perhaps become clearer to you why humans can and do react to others in a certain way, and how they can torture and hurt, humiliate and kill other humans. And then it will also make more sense as to why this human who uses these forms against his fellow being is in the orange vibration. In the orange vibration are nationalism, tribalism and power, it is the source of all these excesses.

I don’t really need to return to that period in time, because the way society is functioning now with all its forms of violence – whether coming from extreme right wing or fundamentalist religious groups – it is always due to the orange vibration. For the human in the orange vibration always relates things to himself, and until he himself has been tortured he just can’t imagine what torture can mean to someone. I am not vindicating anybody here, but you will have to come to an understanding of this behaviour, and what is the cause of it. It doesn’t mean that you will have to tolerate it when you encounter such behaviour, but you will find it easier to understand if you know it has to do with the orange vibration and with the human who only has this vibration at his disposal.

Until now we have only discussed the perpetrators of violence, not the victims. And whether we discuss casualties of war, or victims in a minority group, or even the opponents of rival football clubs, because there too you will find the same excesses of one group against another group: one is always going to be the underdog as long as the other is in control and feels strong.

It is through the understanding of these various types of violence that we can distinguish that victims can be globally divided into three groups:

-  A group that doesn’t understand what’s happening to it, and ends up in total chaos and confusion.
-  A group that does grasp what’s happening and ends up hating the perpetrators. And because of this hatred they cling to the perpetrators, because hate is a powerful emotion, a strong vibration that causes them to seek out the perpetrators, in the present as well as in other existences.
-  And there is a group that always knew that it had to experience this, in connection with what had to be learned from the World of Wisdom. This group can therefore accept what is happening much more easily.


We can see that the human has learned to apologize, because he thinks we have to achieve a position of greater moral understanding in order to be accepted into the World of Wisdom. But freeing oneself from other humans is always a solitary act, for otherwise each of us would remain dependent on whether the other human would be in agreement, or not.

As always, one needs to learn to understand what is the cause of the action, and to see the perpetrator as being in the orange vibration.

So if we’re considering this action in the short term, it is easy for us to imagine a human angry seeing what is happening, but when he learns to consider the situation from a broader perspective he will see his opinion softening and become more understanding.

For there is no period of time that will ever be without war, without disease and without humans in the orange vibration, therefore the excesses that have been going on over the centuries will always continue. This will not change, in spite of all the good intentions of commissions and such, precisely because of the new influx of essences that are in development and which are under the influence of the moon energy – for that is due to the moon energy.

When somebody who is under the influence of the moon energy thinks that the other human is a sinner simply because he doesn’t adhere to the ‘right’ religion, this can also manifest itself through the moon energy.

And most of you, especially a human using his spiritual senses, recognize that when a certain group becomes aligned, the group energy becomes so strong that any single group member is almost incapable of disconnecting from the group.

The energy gathers in these places, but it can also gather over an entire country, and can make the entire population come under its influence unintentionally. Thus, it is a lot more than one group against another, or one government against another. If you consider the nature of wars, you might say the best solution would be to put the leaders of those countries into a boxing ring, for that would quickly decide the outcome. But the echelons are used as cannon fodder, for the glory of someone’s private power. And the worst thing is: man lets himself be abused in this way.

We could well say: ‘It’s all somebody else’s fault, I didn’t know what was going on, and I had to …’, etc. but everybody still has the ability to choose for himself, regardless of the consequences.

So it actually involves much more than ‘those bastards over there and the good guys over here’.

When somebody makes a conscious choice you might say that at that moment he is in touch with his natural force, but many humans are not yet in touch with their natural force, because that comes in the blue vibration.

All the same, nobody has been raised with the standard to kill one’s fellow men.

Here we are talking about the standards of the thinking hat and, no matter what country one examines, nobody has been raised without a set of standards. Yet the human whose thinking hat contains these standards will succumb to the group energy, but within this collective energy he does have the choice to consider his standards.

Sometimes there are circumstances in which the natural force says: ‘It is for the best that a human is being killed at this moment in time.’ This could mean that the natural force knows that a lot of humans will be spared a lot of misery, and that then this human with this natural force is aware that he has to make this particular choice.

Esoteric books say that humanity as a whole develops and becomes ever more conscious: the pity is that this reflects nothing more than a desire in man. Over the centuries we have been observing that life on this planet is like a school, and as in any school, new students arrive and the students who have gone through all the classes and levels leave.

However, technology has evolved over time and man’s intelligence is an indication of this evolution – but that doesn’t imply anything about the material consciousness of a human. As always there is an influx from the bottom up, and at the top the essences that are fully conscious leave. And this is how it should be, otherwise there would be stagnation – for you know that the World of Wisdom is always on the move.


When a human gloomily watches the behaviour of other humans, he can’t understand what’s going on, but when his view evolves, he will appreciate that a lot of beautiful things still exist on this planet, also between humans.

So you are being asked to adopt another point of view, instead of merely hoping that the world will change one day, for that will not happen. When you evolve and your view expands, you will not be able to point your finger or judge anyone any more, but you will see the various developments within the material consciousness.

When the human walks along the sunken lane he can see roots, possibilities, his own task, because the light green moss signifies that man is in touch with his task. The ambience of the sunken lane is very much connected with the workings of the World of Wisdom. And all I can say is: ‘It’s a beautiful world.’


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