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Possibilities of the Human Being

On a lovely cube, on the so-called front, there is a drawing of a door frame with a closed door.

On the other sides of this beautiful, square, lightly flamed block of wood there are closed doors too, so everything is still hidden. It is a static view.

But after a while, there is some movement.

The colour of the wood changes gradually to lilac and then to deep violet in which tiny blue stripes are visible.

Purple and blue are predominant on this wooden cube of which the door is still closed.

A cube consists of a range of squares and the number four represents the matter.

You saw that the cube was made of wood and wood is a natural material. This means that this is your own body, your own material shell.

You also saw that the doors were still closed, but we are going to try to open them, so you can have a broader view on your own humanness.

The essence uses a body to advance on its path and to gain experience. You have now reached the stage where you can give the essence a chance to grow and thereby get a broader view on the World of Wisdom.

In our view you as a human being are not that important at all. We see you as a form of cloak, a form of overall.

Workwear as a work possibility for the essence that uses the body, the character and the genetic material, because it wants to advance in its development. If the essence were not there, you would wonder around like a zombie and life wouldn’t make sense at all.

So the essence is important to us, the essence has existed for ages and ages, and will continually search for a body to advance on the path to full consciousness.

You are or you are not in contact with your own essence, but we hope that you will get a broader view on the material business, through which you can more easily have access to the essence.

When we speak about the matter, we speak about the number 4.

The fun thing is that when you look at your humanness, you see that it only has four possibilities. These are thinking, feeling, learning and using the terrestrial energy that originates from this planet.

These are the four possibilities that make you a human being. No animal has these possibilities. Only you as a human being, in your human form, know these four possibilities but most of the time the human doesn’t even notice.

He knows he can think, he knows he can feel and know emotions, he knows he can learn. But he doesn’t understand that these are only the possibilities of the human body and that the essence can make use of them.

Thus we want to further explain these four possibilities, so that at some point you will learn to make the distinction.

The human often says: ‘I feel something, intuitively I feel...’

When a human intuitively feels, he is only busy with his humanness, because the essence does not feel. The essence is present, in silence, in rest. Or there is a vibration. But that feeling belongs to the number four of humanness.

So you can make a distinction: Do I feel my essence or is it still something from my humanness and do I think it comes from my essence?

You can say: ‘My essence has to learn.’ No, you as a human know that you can learn. That is a possibility of you as a human. You can acquire knowledge, you can gain experience in this life and you can learn from that, but this learning happens in a way different from the way the essence learns.

So the moment you say: ‘Yes, I learn from this’, you are only busy with your humanness.

If you say: ‘I feel’ that is something of your humanness and also when you think, that is only something of your humanness.

Every human is in contact with the red terrestrial energy, the magma of this planet that enters through the first chakra, and the more advanced you are in material consciousness, the more chakras will be receiving this magma, the heat and power of this magma.

This power you can turn into possibilities. You can start using psychic energies making you clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, but you can also take a step away from yourself and observe.

We know that this culture ‘houses’ a great many humans in the blue vibration and it is these possibilities that sometimes give the human the impression that he knows better. But if he knows that it is only a part of the blue vibration, he will be a little more considerate.

The chakras are part of humanness, because every chakra is necessary in the development of material consciousness.

The energies from the earth are also part of humanness, because when you pass over, the body stays behind and only the essence goes on to the World of Wisdom.

The essence has no link with the red terrestrial energy, only your body needs it, because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to live and the body wouldn’t have the possibility to grow.

There the red terrestrial energy plays an important role.

It is only when you as human are materially conscious that the essence sets off on its path.

All the body and you as a human can do is intended to help and support the essence that grows to full consciousness. Once the essence is fully conscious, there is no more need to come to this planet and its entire life is dedicated to the task it has. Then it gets the chance to make a choice: I want to go back to this planet to perform my task again and search for a body that has the possibilities, or I stay in the World of Wisdom and help other essences that are on their way and need to feel support from time to time.

Then it becomes a collaborator in the World of Wisdom, a servant of the teachers.

So the 4x4-sign, as we call it, involves thinking, feeling, learning and use of the red terrestrial energy.

And that’s very different from what animals can do. An animal cannot develop anything itself, it can only respond from its nature, it doesn’t have other possibilities. Animals that already have a higher state of possibilities, you can teach tricks. You can teach them they are not allowed to come into this space, they have to stay within the gate otherwise they get tapped on the nose, they have to become house-trained... Those are things animals can learn, but that is all.

As a human you have a lot of possibilities: you read books, you have a lot of contacts, you watch television, and thus get in contact with other cultures, with other views, with different ideas. So you get a broader view of all there is on this planet, but it remains human, material.

So we make a clear distinction between the possibilities of the essence and yours as a human being. Many humans assume, I feel, I see, I think, and give themselves the label of spiritual.

Whereas we show that the 4x4-sign is nothing but the matter and the possibilities you have as a human being. But as a result and using these possibilities, you can learn to make the distinction: what comes from your essence and what comes from your humanness?

Therefore it would be good if you explored that 4x4-sign in your own life.

By way of supplement: a human uses the words emotions and feelings to mean the same thing, but emotions always follow thoughts. It's always for some reason.

Feelings are created by sensations; taste, hearing and so on. When a human being thinks about this, the feelings disappear and emotions may appear again.


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