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The Essence

The essence is who you really are; it is part of the World of Wisdom. It is symbolically represented as a drop in the Silver Sea. Everything present in the sea is also present in each drop, but the essence is not yet aware of that. 

The essence must gain experiences and learn lessons in order to expand its consciousness. It may only learn these lessons by experiencing the emotions and feelings the lessons evoke in the human being, its material cloak. The human with all his possibilities is the working material for the essence.

After exploring the psychic world and esoterics, a human in the blue vibration gets the feeling that there is more… However, he no longer searches outside himself but turns inwards, departs from his thinking in acquired rules and images and learns how to consciously make contact with his essence.
A certain cooperation arises in which the essence shows the path that suits the human being. A path focused on growth, on self-research and daring to be oneself.

The Human and the Task
In the purple vibration the human comes in contact with his task for the first time.

If a human listens to his essence, he will find that he is being pushed into a certain direction. He is constantly faced with specific situations related to his task. The human doesn’t receive a label saying: that’s it, but on his path towards consciousness it gradually gets clearer. The essence will make you feel ‘this suits me and that doesn’t’.

My Best Friend


I am my own best friend, but wasn’t aware of that.

I searched and searched in every place, but felt forgotten and sad.

I asked everyone to hold me close and said: ‘please, help me to live’.

But never they gave me what I need, how could they ever give…


… What I carry deep inside, my true Self also known as my essence.

It helps me to live my life and guides me through my lessons.

My essence knows what’s best for me, knows of a higher plan.

It lets me know what I must do and just asks to follow, then.


My essence is my own best friend, that connects me to All there Is inside

and together we are on our way to experience like a child.

To learn all that I don’t know yet, or recognize in me,

so that finally I understand and see, who I really am and want to be.



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