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Two slender hands can be seen holding a book open. They are undoubtedly the hands of the teacher. The book looks like a gilt-edged, bound breviary. The small, illegible letters have been printed in a very old-fashioned style.

The teacher shows that there are various coloured ribbons in the book, which serve as bookmarks. His hand takes out one of those ribbons and starts to leaf through the book. The beautiful, coloured images that I see on different pages remind of a little bible.

You saw in this image that we want to show you how the World of Wisdom relates to all religious forms that are present on this planet.

Because quite a few people wonder about the World of Wisdom: what kind of weird world is that? I grew up with heaven and hell and God who sits on the throne in heaven.

The religions have been able to sell this to their believers, giving everyone pictures, images of it. This shows that the religions, as dealt with and experienced on this planet, always are the work of humans. What we tell you here seems very strange, because everyone assumes that such a bible has been passed on by God, by angels, and that Jesus existed. And look in all those other books, which say that Buddha also existed, and so on…

And yet, we say that in the course of the centuries, people have been sent to this planet to teach those humans who were ready to receive these teachings.

These lessons are always wrapped in symbolic language, as this is the language of the World of Wisdom.

And if you look at all the holy books, the contents of these books turn out to be in symbolic language and it is wonderful if you know and can set to work with that.

Very often people look at these texts through their thinking hat, take these for facts and then distillate all sorts of rules that must be followed. So here we show that all religions are made and shaped by man. Many people find consolation in them, find something in them to hold onto, find support in them and that is okay with us and we will not take that away from them.

You also notice that humans who already are a little further in the development of their consciousness start searching again.

These human beings no longer feel at home with the form of religion they have been brought up in and start looking for other religions hoping that they might better suit their own view and their own possibilities, religions that satisfy their hunger for the truth and make them experience support, peace and a feeling of composure, a sense of: now I know what the world is like.

One wonders: what about Buddhism, or how about Hinduism, or Israelites/Judaism?

But it remains the work of man and if a human just looks for other religious forms, he will continue at the same level of consciousness and he doesn’t get any further, because human beings who are already further on their path, as we keep saying, need to turn inward and make contact with the World of Wisdom from their own essence.

We are seven teachers and if you look at this planet, there are seven world religions.

These are Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i and animism (ancestor worship). So one of the teachers stood at the cradle of Christianity, one stood at the cradle of Buddhism and likewise every religion has taken one of the teachers as a guideline, as an example.

We are teachers for all essences present on this planet, but also for the essences, the entities that still know the human form from previous human existences.

It is our task to help all of these essences further on their paths.

And yet we notice that if the human unilaterally cuts himself off from the other six teachers and only deals with one form of religion, he takes but a small bite from the cake. In that piece of cake, he thinks he can find all kinds of answers, but he only finds opposites.

If you just look at how the Bible considers the World of Wisdom, there one speaks of heaven and hell. In religions heaven and hell are seen as two separate worlds and a separation is made between dark and light vibrations. But the World of Wisdom is all.

In our world everything is present, the dark as well as the light vibrations. We make no distinction. We don’t judge and show a warning finger, as often happens in churches and they say: ‘This is sinful and that we must renounce’, and then they speak of hell and damnation.

The essences that make a detour and are in contact with the dark, heavy energies, known to the human as ‘hell’, are not lost for the World of Wisdom. Those essences have their place too and are helped on their path of consciousness towards the light.

We see that quite a few people are struggling with questions about the World of Wisdom: I don’t know; I can learn a lot from the lessons; I have a lot of benefit from them and I also feel the power and energy coming from them, but yet I learned it differently.

One gets confused, one sometimes feels guilty if one chooses for the World of Wisdom and falls in a loyalty dilemma with one’s parents, who have shown a different path: this is the path of the truth and that other path you should not walk.

So a human who is advanced and searching, often finds himself in a situation where he stands alone and no longer finds people around him who still understand him and especially in his family there is a great lack of understanding.

They will not say: ‘I know what you are doing, go on and search,’ in spite of the ‘seek and ye shall find’. But this proverb actually means: searching is allowed, but to a certain extent, because if you are going to nose around in one of the other religions, you do the wrong thing and that is a sin. This rule is propagated, and we are not going to have any preference for Islam, for Judaism or Christianity because every religion has its own cultural background and its own possibilities. But when you compare these books, you‘ll find that though other words are used, the meaning is similar. The tenor as such was initially passed on by our co-workers, placed on this planet by us to be able to help people on the path of consciousness.

We want the human to listen, to draw his own conclusions and to start gaining his own experience. But those holy books were created by humans, who sometimes hear quite interesting things from us, and say: ‘I’ll write this down, I find what is said just now so beautiful, that is also useful for other people.’

When you look at the origin of these holy books, they never came to you directly. It was always decades afterwards that everything was written down, whereas the people who initially passed on the lessons, died a long time before and therefore could no longer contribute.

Only the human who is on his way, thinks he knows what the truth is and from that point of view he writes down the lessons and says: ‘This is the truth, listen to me, because I know what is good for you.’ And that is what every form of religion propagates.

That doesn’t mean that it did not appeal to us before and that we had no share in it. Only that the ultimate form is just a human form. From the World of Wisdom we have, of course, made a big effort to pass on what we from the World of Wisdom thought important to the people who were invited to do so and who were in their tasks. So it does not mean that we throw it all overboard. We only say to the human: ’Start to distinguish, start feeling in yourself whether or not it is still true, how you live now and if you still recognise yourself in all of these old rules.’

And if a human recognizes himself in it and says: ‘It feels great to me, as if it is one with me’, who are we to say: ‘Sir/madam, you can’t do that, it is wrong, because it still belongs to the old form of religion.’

Each religion has a lot of fraction parties. We only need to look at Christianity. A number of paths have derived from it and all reserve the exclusive right to the truth. And no human is spared from this in his upbringing.

So your thinking hat is pretty full of all kinds of religious rules and all kinds of images that are packed in it. And whether it has to do with your role as a woman or your role as a man, it all has its roots in religious texts.

So we ask: ‘Look how it felt for you in your youth, how religion had a pretty big influence on you and what still bothers you today.’

Sometimes people don’t need to reach very far back in their memory and it is still very clear how one dealt with it before. How people had to pray before the meals or had to get down on their knees to mutter a prayer before going to sleep. They had to show gratitude for having had a fine day and had to ask for a good day again tomorrow.

Each of you will know these forms of prayer. But the human who grew up with this as a child, gradually gets the feeling, Okay, this no longer suits me.

However, we see that all sorts of traces of those religious standards and images that you have inherited as a child linger in the thinking hat. Whether it is from your parents or through school, or social life, no human is spared from these traces of images.

In the first place religions were only a form of lessons, such as now given via Magda, and from our point of view that was all.

But we also see how widespread the power of churches, the power of religions is.

You know that we are not allowed to use power, because power is related to vibrations of heavy energies. The human who is busy with religious phrases knows these as hell or purgatory.

If we use power, then we connect with this vibration and that’s the last thing we want to do.

We only say: ‘These vibrations exist with us and we do not close our eyes to them.’ But we are not allowed to force a human in any way and we don’t want the human to follow us either.

We often hear: now I don’t know what to do any more, how would the World of Wisdom look at it? And then one uses us as an oracle: what would really suit me?

If you know that every man, but also every essence is unique, a message can be very important for one human, but that does not necessarily apply to the other. So here we say too: ‘Go back to yourself, make contact with your own essence. It will tell you what really suits you.’

You will notice that a form of religion is only an outer fringe; a possibility for the man on his way who doesn’t yet feel the need to delve into the World of Wisdom, in order to find peace or support.

In the ten commandments too, and every religious form is familiar with these ten rules, one sees a form of guide for life.

In the religions various vibrations come together:

-    The human being in the orange vibration experiences the feeling of belonging.
-    The human being in the yellow vibration experiences answers.
-    The human being in the green vibration is present to involve the spiritual world into his life.
-    The human being in the blue vibration is looking for knowledge, the beginning of all ‘knowing’, for example: the foundations of religions.

The we-feeling

It was never our intension to give rise to a common goal. It was set up by human beings and is reflected in church services in singing together, praying together.

There you find the we-feeling: everyone belongs to this community and together we are strong, but this belongs to the orange vibration. The religions have conquered a place here, but it also means a dulling.


Image of God

Many a person has an image of God, but we in the World of Wisdom don’t have an image of God, we do know the ALL-POWER, the all-power is the energy that unites everything, in which everything is related and which creates a mutual connection. You may call that God, we can only say: ‘This is the ALL-POWER in which everything is present’, and we cannot give a picture of this.


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