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me to Me

Spiritual voyage of discovery



In the sunshine I want to play and dance

Full of beautiful dreams and take my chance

To be free and careless about

What will come tomorrow.


Like a bit of fluff that’s blowing in the wind

To where the whisper guides me

And with the curiosity of a child

Discover what moves me.



On the Way to Myself


I am on the way to discover who I really am

And I no longer wish to see myself through the eyes of those

Who brought me up and taught me with the best of intentions

By which I judged myself full of pretentions.

I adapted and followed the social rules

Cared for others and did what seemed the right thing to do.


But this oppressed me and I no longer knew

The delight of long summer days

Crawling through the grass playing Indians on a quest

Being a child carefree and happy at rest.


I want to go back to that child in myself

That simply makes contact with the gnome and the elf.

That is open to new tracks with a surprise

Without worrying whether it fits the agenda

Or ‘would it be wise’?



I am who I am


I am who I am and that’s good

When I meet myself in truth.


I am who I am and that’s okay

If I welcome and accept myself all the way.



vrouw met spiegel.jpg



I looked at you angrily

But I didn’t know that what I saw

Was a reflection

Of something that was mine

I was touched and it filled me with emotion.






Learning doesn’t happen overnight

Without hurting yourself sometimes

But if you are too careful

You won’t learn a thing and life will be so dull.



Nagging Thoughts


I have those nagging thoughts

That keep me from being myself

Like ‘Am I fulfilling the expectations of them all?’

Oh! These assumptions keep me small.


I want to discover and start to let them go

To live like a child who lives in a flow

In order to learn and follow my dreams

And impulses regardless of what they think of me.



In my colourfulness I want to stand

Lead my life from my inner strength

To feel free to follow the whisper and find out

And discover my life what is about.



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