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The Ether Element

You may image the ether element as a sort of a ‘green water curtain’ hanging round this planet saturating everything.
It IS… there is no flow.

The ether element is the dividing line between the World of Wisdom and the matter and is used for guiding, for instance by the teacher when he wants to hand something to a human in a dream.

It is the link between the human being and his essence, the human being and the teacher and the human being and the World of Wisdom.

The essence makes use of the ether element to engage in a body on this planet.

At the end of the material existence, the entity glides through the ether element back to the World of Wisdom. The ether element retracts from the body and what is left is just matter.

From the thinking in combination with the archetypes from the moon energy, the human interprets the contact with the ether element often as: ´I experience my soul, I experience a bit of God.´

And on that basis the religions attach the different colourings and rules, because: ‘I feel God wishes this from me.’ But it is only the contact with the ether element.


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