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The Thinking Hat

The thinking hat, with the hat as a symbol, stands for the realm of thought of the human and belongs to the body, the matter.

A baby is not born blank, but its essence brings along the material consciousness that it has developed in former existences. It is just the thinking hat that is blank.

When growing up your thinking hat is gradually filled with knowledge, rules and regulations belonging to your parents… family… school… religion… the society in which you live. This is the content of the thinking hat.

As a small child you are still in contact with your essence and pure thinking that is fed from the essence. You follow impulses to go exploring and you just say so if you think something is ugly, or you don’t like a present.

From an early age everyone learns what happens if you don’t follow the rules.  You are punished, you are naughty, you may be locked out etc. And humans want to be liked, want to belong, want to feel safe in the family circle, at school, in church. These experiences form the lining of the thinking hat.
The content and the lining of the thinking hat more and more colour your view, the contact with your essence and pure thinking fade and the view is veiled.

This is necessary to be able to learn your lessons, to gain the experiences in humanness that the essence needs. The thinking will colour these experiences so that emotions emerge in a human being. Through these emotions the essence can experience and learn the lesson attached.

This way you advance in your development and then you discover that questions pop up about the view you have learnt, you feel an aversion, and your essence suggests that this view no longer suits you, and off you go, exploring. Gradually you realize that the thinking hat is just great working material and that you have to let go of the familiar and the secure. Your essence, your true I, must set the course so that it may go on discovering and learning. You will learn to be like that child again who still finds time to dream.


The Veil


As a child I loved to play alone.

Not bothered by anyone, just on my own.

I spent hours on a swing without fear.

With only the rushing wind in my ear.


Don’t worry

About tomorrow

How to go on

No need to break your head

About what’s right or wrong

Oh, it used to be lovely

To be so carefree.


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