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Planet Earth​


An essence can make use of a material body on this planet if it wants to get a broader view on the contrasts and the desires attached to the earth and the humanness on this planet.


The essence starts as an unconscious form with several lives in an animal body and can therefore experience a little of the growth and the developments attached to the forms of life on this planet. It gains experiences of all kinds, so that it slowly comes to the point where the essence can slide into a human body.


The red earth energy that belongs to this planet, and is needed to live in the matter rises in the human body and touches the chakras.

Together with the spiritual and universal energy that enters the chakras, this red earth energy takes care of the development of the chakras. From the second chakra, from the development of the orange vibration, the material consciousness arises.

The essence can only learn the lessons associated with the development of the chakras and the desires attached to them, by experiencing the emotions and feelings this evokes in humans.


The earth element in which a human is born, gives an extra dimension to the way he deals with his lessons.

The essence will descend onto this planet until it is fully conscious.



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