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Natural Force


Symbolic image: I am gliding through the air and see a big aeroplane flying in front of me. It is old-fashioned, bulbous and entirely silver coloured. It flies through the clouds: to the left and the right, and under and over the plane… white clouds are everywhere, and the image radiates great calm.

Suddenly I find myself in the plane and have a good look round.

I see seats with red upholstering, all of them empty as yet, but then various little gnomes appear and find a seat to their liking.

Looking round, I find this a rather pleasing image, because it is as if each gnome has chosen his own cosy nook, knowing that he is safe in this plane and that he may interpret this situation in a highly personal way.

Lights are on over several seats and in other places it is quite dusky.

And some windows have drawn shades whereas in front of others the shades are open, so that the gnome can look outside.

I now look out of one of those windows and see that a very big engine hangs under one of the wings and that we are still flying through the white clouds.

Then I walk through the plane, and arriving at the cockpit I see a teacher sitting at the controls.

The teacher is the pilot and the gnomes are seated in the cabin.

I find the atmosphere inside this plane very pleasant.

There is a nice, enjoyable silence but I know that outside there is a lot of noise from the wind and the engines.


The teacher tells us that you may see the gnome as the intermediary between your essence and who you are as a human being, because your essence contains a silence, a stillness, but through the gnome, your own natural force, you receive signals from the essence.

The gnome knows of the lessons that the essence has brought to this earth and will always respond to them. But they are always impulses from the now-moment, as the gnome doesn’t occupy himself with what will be happening an hour later; he only responds in the now-moment.


Natural Force - Gnome

We make use of the symbol of the gnome because in fairy tales the gnome stands for the natural force and the gnome knows what nature needs.

The human on his way says: “I must contact the child within myself”, but we know that the memory of the child contains quite a few painful moments.

What is nicer for a child than visualising a gnome who takes upon himself all the daily chores and finishes them through his working power.


Many humans are preoccupied with the question, Who actually is that gnome and how do I recognize my gnome?

How to reach him personally would require much further explanation, as each of you is unique and has different lessons. But not a single one of you is far away from his gnome.

Every human being knows his gnome in moments of anger. In moments of rebelliousness, or when he does not want to do what someone else expects from him.

Little by little you will feel this gnome more clearly, though these are always snapshots in time. The gnome is always present, but he can only pop up through your thinking, through your daily existence. You then feel some sort of impulse inside.

It is not like the gnome starts a conversation with you. The gnome only gives impulses and, in a split second the human may feel, I don’t want this, or That’s nice, or This is okay for me, but that doesn’t work for me at all etc.

There is no more to it. When we explain it like this, every one of you will recognize the gnome in himself.

When you feel an impulse inside, you are only being asked to follow it, because the gnome gives the impulse for a good reason.

But then, what does a human often do? He passes over it and thinks, What will the other say if I now say no, or if I want to go home, or...

We will give a few examples of situations in which the gnome may lend a helping hand.


Help in everyday situations

Imagine you have a moment to yourself and curl up on the couch with a book.

Then the doorbell rings and at that particular moment you feel, Oh no, not now...

But what does a human do? He gets up, goes to the door and says to the visitor: ‘How nice of you to come…’

Whereas the gnome had just given the signal, Not now, thank you. But the human ignores it.

If you dare to leave it to him, he will indicate what clothes will be suitable for what event and which shoes will go with that outfit.

Or he indicates, You must water the plants, switch on the washing machine, or prune the hedge.

Even if the human talks about this to someone else like: ‘It suddenly sprang to mind’, most of the time he doesn’t realise that it was the gnome who gave a signal, because it happens in common, everyday situations.


Some people think that the human being becomes slightly childish, but it is just that he no longer goes along with the standards of society.

The gnome has his very own interpretation, his very own colouring and evaluation of situations.

However, he will never make you look like a fool, he will never get you into trouble, as he knows what you can handle at that particular moment.

The impulse the human being experiences from his gnome is the energy that comes to the surface at the same time.

The human may call it anger, he may call it rebelliousness, but this energy is the working power that enables him to achieve in the outside world what the gnome tells him.


Many humans are used to digging so deeply in the work that they suppress the impulses coming from the gnome.

We are not saying that one needs to work less to make contact with the gnome possible, but what you might do is make an appointment with your gnome and before you start work, lay your hands on your belly and say: ‘Gnome when I go too far, please warn me.’

You will then be sure to get signals, but it is your thinking that decides whether you make use of the gnome energy and stop, or continue to slog along.

Moreover, you will find that the input of the gnome makes the work easier, it is done faster and you can cope with more.


Now it may seem that the gnome only pops up in a crisis, but you should understand that it only takes up arms in situations in which you have your lessons.

When your lessons are done, when you have finished them, the gnome will also take a hand in other affairs.

That implies the human to put his trust in the gnome, and that’s when he bumps into these lessons, as his standards enter the scene.

Actually he feels inside that he has to do this or that, but he learned quite differently when he was young, at home, at school or in church.


Working power

Yet, keep following the little voice inside, that’s what the lessons are about. Now the gnome will not incite you to get aggressive or slam doors, no, the gnome does know how to show the limits.
Because if you want to slam doors you haven’t listened to the gnome on several occasions, and you let the tension inside increase, so that you become a volcano that will erupt because of all those bottled up energies. The energy of the bottled up working power gets out.

If a human listens to the impulse he may feel an emotion, because he clearly feels he has to do something.

Who listens to what his gnome wishes, feels at the same time that it also is his own wish to do what the gnome tells him.

And because it mostly has to do with the lessons in the first place, in this wish the human feels the misery he felt as a child because he was not allowed to utter it, or pushed it aside.

So the first few times the reaction is rather hefty, but little by little he loses that load and this pure energy can flow more freely.

When a human pushes away and swallows his impulses and emotions, he may fall ill.

It lays a grey energy round his essence and nervous system and he may get migraine if this energy is not used up, because the working power is a pure energy and serves to convert the impulse into action.

However, the human has strayed so far from himself and only sees the standards of society as bringing universal happiness.

As long as a human is not in the blue, purple or white vibration, it doesn’t make much difference.

But when he is further on his path and wants to grow in consciousness, it requires listening to the gnome, because the gnome has the possibilities, the gnome knows about the lessons and the gnome is your vital force.


If you learn to trust that, your life will become so much easier, as this gnome is your self.

The gnome is the large I-conscience.

The standards in the thinking hat and the identification with the body are the small I-conscience.


Many humans ask whether it is possible to get in touch with the gnome through meditation, but when we speak of meditation, it means that a human concentrates from sheer willpower on a certain image or a place where he is seated, and that he has to focus for 10 to 15 minutes, and that’s really long, on an object or such.

It also means that a gnome doesn’t fit in at that particular moment.

The gnome says: ‘My feet are sore, my legs hurt, or I have to go to the toilet; the gnome actually wants to get up, he wants to go away'.

But the willpower of the human being suppresses the impulses from inside.


Whereas when we are talking about ‘going down’ and ‘diving beyond the thinking’, it happens in a flash and the human is in immediate contact with his gnome.

When the human brings his attention to his stomach or his feet, he is already beyond his thinking.

Afterwards the human is back on the horizontal plane, but the energy of the gnome is brought up and flows through the thinking.


If you let him speak more and more, you will see what a fusspot the gnome is.

He meddles with your clothing, with your food, with your shopping.

Any moment of the day he may suggest, This yes, that no.

And if you learn to listen you will always have your personal guide with you.


You can get in touch with the calm that flows through the gnome from the essence, and through your essence you are always in touch with your teacher who was at the control stick in the opening story and with the silver energy of the World of Wisdom.


The human, however, is used to focussing on his environment, but it requires you to stay in that calm and react from that calm, which is what you actually wish too.

Even though things happen in your surroundings that may be fairly hectic and call for your attention. When you then bring your attention to the soles of your feet you are in contact again with your gnome and you will see that reacting to questions from outside is much easier with this contact.

At that particular moment you know what is being asked of you in a particular situation and you will maintain your calm.

It is a process, but slowly you will succeed to maintain that calm.

We may also say: ‘Put your hand on your belly, then you don’t necessarily have to bring your attention to the ground.’


But it is usually easier for the humans to go to their feet, as most people do feel their feet.

If you put your hand on your belly, focus on it, you get the same effect and are in contact again with your gnome.

In both cases you dive beyond your thinking hat.


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