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We know that in this society death, dying is taboo. Humans see it as something irrevocable, but it is only irrevocable for the cloak.

Actually there is a shift in the experience, in the viewing.

Suppose you are in a room: the moment you leave your body, you suddenly see all kinds of colours in that room, you suddenly see all kinds of vibrations that you as a human being couldn’t see before, because the perception, the entire way of observing has changed.

At the same time a vast feeling of freedom is experienced.

As long as a human being identifies himself with his body, and thinks that he is the body, he experiences it not yet as galling, but when a human becomes conscious of his own essence, he experiences the body as a hindrance in his possibilities.

The possibilities that a fully conscious has are innumerable, but he is hindered in this by his body.

When I tell you that when a fully conscious essence travels, it leaves the body and is on the other side of the world in no time, this is something that cannot be achieved inside the body.

In the matter this is a very long journey.

In such a situation the fully conscious stays connected to his body by the life line and the ether element has not withdrawn itself from the body.

The experiences that an entity has at the moment that it glides out of its body can be compared to the fully conscious that is going to travel, only the ether element has completely withdrawn from the body of this human and the entity will not return anymore.

When somebody has passed away, people say that the body is exanimated. Something is missing in that body, but what is missing is actually the ether element that has disappeared.

The fear related to dying has especially to do with not-knowing.

Not knowing what is going to happen particularly frightens humans.

Therefore I will lift a tip of the veil and tell you that there is nothing fearful to it: on the contrary, a great feeling of freedom is experienced when the essence glides from the body and passes into the World of Wisdom.

Fear prevents the human from passing quietly. When the relatives find this very difficult and stand crying around the dying human, he can be led by the energies that are present in that room.

Often you hear, also from people around you, that a long struggle sometimes precedes the actual dying, because the human clings to everything that belongs to the matter.

That hinders the human to quietly experience the passing away.

It means that this human is making it very difficult for himself, because fear, as we have often said, is only caused by images from the thinking hat. That’s all.

However, the thinking hat stays behind. It doesn’t even know what dying means.

When the human makes this transition in fear, we see that the entity stays much longer confused and faces many problems in orienting in the spiritual world.

Every essence knows which vibration suits it.

That’s why it is important that a human can pass away quietly, so that he will sooner be in the vibration layer where he belongs.

For example, if a human is in the blue vibration and he passes away quietly, the attraction of the blue vibration is strong for him and he will be in the layer where he belongs in no time.

But when a human in the blue vibration is governed by fear, starts to struggle, clings to the matter and that fear comes from the orange vibration, at the moment of passing away the entity does not immediately feel the attraction of the blue vibration, because the orange vibration is drawing him.

We hope that each one of you will advance so much that you come to us singing, for the advantage is that you will very quickly be in the place where you belong.

When somebody is at the end of his material life, you can guide this human in a pleasant, quiet way.

Make jokes at the death bed, so that the dying human will breathe his last breath with a great smile; that helps him in his progress.

You don’t need to hire a brass band, but a bit of soft music he likes will create a state of mind in which he will calmly pass away.

I can explain dying only as gliding out of the cloak.

Your essence goes on and you take your own material consciousness with you like a wrap. So to the human that passes away only a shift has taken place, but he will not recognize that as dying.

You also cannot prepare yourself for dying.

The only thing a human can do for himself is make contact with the one he really is, and know that his essence belongs in the World of Wisdom, it is just going back home.

We often hear that the entity must justify itself, but do you remember what I told you about reflexion? The entity takes the aura with it like a kind of wrap, so that the vibrations of the material consciousness stay around.

Now you can imagine that from the perspective of an entity, through the consciousness vibrations certain things are unpleasant. For example, when somebody has problems with aggression, and also has a lesson there, it will see things to do with aggression in his environment all the time.

These vibrations stay part of the entity and the experiences are much more direct.

An entity which has passed away has not the pure state that is sometimes propagated by religions, but it takes along its own imperfections, its own fears, its own lesson, if not learned.

The World of Wisdom doesn’t judge, we are tolerant. We have more possibilities, we see more in people and their frantic attempts to live life, than what is expressed by religions, by standards, by accusations and judgments.

You cannot blame another human when he says: ‘You did this to me’.

Because everybody is on his way, but whatever a human thinks, he has brought on himself.

How often don’t you read, I have done something to that human and I will meet him again when I die.

Even though I was in good faith, the other person has picked this up as dreadful and soon I will have to do penance for that.

Please don’t assume that; everyone is responsible for himself and not for anybody else, for then the human is building his own prison, by keeping that in mind and being afraid of possible consequences.

This often happens in the history of the religious currents, where the human is laden with sin. In the World of Wisdom we will not do so.

That is also the beauty of the free choice that each of you has, because we look further and have a great understanding of the deeds of those who are on their way, because it has to do with not yet knowing all that has to be considered.


Heaven and hell don’t exist with us; with us there is nobody at the gate saying: ’You go to the left and you go to the right’. Everybody is welcome with us and nobody will be blamed for the possible crimes that he has committed in life. The entity itself can get into difficulty, because in the World of Wisdom it will meet its own emanation and then sees what it has done.

But we will never distress it by judgments. We only want to help it to get a wider view of itself.

We also see the expectations that humans get from the pulpit.

We can distil from the human the expectation he has and have the possibility to visualise this.

You should not take this literally, but in the perception one experiences a substance and by its own expectation the entity sticks on this substance a label of his father, mother, child, etc. That is very healing, very reassuring, and that’s why this entity pretty soon knows how to enter its own layer of vibration.

This doesn’t mean that we mislead it, but we use this as a help.

Don’t think we look in a card-index and say: ‘Oh wait a minute, that lady is coming, what children, parents and family members belong to her, and are already here?’ That is not the way it works.

But we often see, when the entity is free from the body, that it doesn’t feel any need to look for parents or children, because they can be in a completely different vibration and it doesn’t have any connection with that vibration.

And even when the entity should feel the need to connect, this demands a larger consciousness.

For the entity in the blue vibration can make trips to the coarser vibrations, for example the orange vibration, but someone in the orange vibration cannot go to the blue vibration.

We are regularly asked what we think of euthanasia.

We only can say: ‘In any case our view is not as harsh as the view of society and religion’.

It entirely depends on the situation that somebody is in, when the choice of euthanasia is made.

Suicide is also a form of euthanasia, but carries a very different load if the human doesn't want to or dare not take on his lesson, and opts out of life for fear of the material life.

But when, by accident or any other cause, a human gets into a hopeless situation, I can imagine, knowing the agony, also for the relatives, that he decides to refuse any life-sustaining treatment.

I do make a difference between somebody taking that decision himself or when this is done for him, without involving him or without him being able to decide.

If the patient himself has signed a codicil or a last will, this has been his personal choice and we will not judge that.

The free will of the human being is our priority.

Only when a human hasn’t been able to make the choice himself, I feel that a mild form of euthanasia by not applying life-sustaining treatment is also a form of euthanasia, but that doesn’t bother the entity as such. For when an entity is still attached to the matter, he experiences what others do to his body and this is not his free will, then you may imagine that quite a lot of aggression may be evoked.

You see, we have a balanced view, we don’t condemn, but we show the side of the entity.

We know that the essence is always travelling, so when it doesn’t get to the terminal and it gets off one stop earlier, it will end up again in another material life in which it can bring the trip to an end.

With us nothing is ever lost, so we can also look very mildly upon humans who say: ‘This is my terminal’, whereas physically speaking, it actually is the next station.

We are teachers and see the possibilities of every student and also cannot expect every student to be conscious. Our principle is, The freedom of the human being is the supreme good.


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