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World of Wisdom Foundation



The World of Wisdom Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Wereld van de Wijsheid) is dedicated to the spiritual welfare with the aim of guiding people on their path to growth of their inner consciousness.


Any growth of consciousness is an individual process in which experience and insight help the human along. Everyone comes to a point of consciousness at which Knowing surpasses knowledge. However, how do you advance in this development in today’s information society? 
The World of Wisdom Foundation accompanies humans who feel the urge to attend zoom meetings. These meetings in the form of network groups may serve as a sounding board or lessons, or a way of passing on energy. There are also books as teaching material.

All these forms contribute to further consciousness development. 

Every individual has his own learning goals, and the World of Wisdom Foundation helps to further develop. The zoom meetings in the making, the website and the book Wealth of Wisdom offer tools to stimulate the personal growth process. 

The World of Wisdom Foundation is open to all and its essential features are:

  • The future zoom meetings will be voluntary and one can join in whenever one feels the urge to do so.

  • The content of these zoom meetings will be based on the energy of the participants.

  • The zoom meetings will contribute to personal growth and consciousness.

  • The zoom meetings will bring about a vertical effect that provides new insights at the level of the essence.

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