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Anne Hertgers:

As a child I often enjoyed myself alone

Surrounded by my doll, dog and rabbit.

To tell about stars and planets

And beautiful worlds

That seemed forgotten and far away.


As a teenager I told the saddest stories about

Loss and failure and parting.

Quite an experience, because I became that person

 In deep sorrow, desire and wishing.


For my kids I made up stories about matches

Peeping out in the evening, waiting for the light

To go out and people out of sight.

                                        Then they could sneak out of there tiny boxes

For new adventures until the end of night.


In the classroom at the end of the lesson

Many times, the teenagers asked

 A story about my dogs.

And even though ‘French’ was not liked by everyone

In the last minutes of class

Even the biggest scamp listened with fascination.


That is how I was gradually prepared

And became aware of the whispering voice that

Always guided me.





In a Dream…….


A door opened for me

 I walked into a big room

Which was attractively lit by candles

A large desk came into view

Behind it a chair was invitingly ready

As if….


I could get to work in that room right away.

On the table were many blank sheets of paper

Maybe that had something important to say.

A silver fountain pen lay open beside it.   And I?

 I was just very surprised.

What did it mean? I did not know why.  

But I understood the message



Ever since there has been a whisper in my ear

Saying: “Use your quality and pass on the words”!



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