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I grew up in a family where the church was utterly unimportant. I have rather more spiritual background with strong, now we would say psychic influences.


As a seven year old I felt the urge for more… and started looking for the World of Wisdom. I felt there was more to it all… but didn’t know what, or where to look.

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At a particular moment I looked for it in the church and went to religious services, but I clearly felt I didn’t find there what I was looking for. I asked my parents if I could go to Sunday school; it seemed interesting to experience and I had hopes I would find the answer there. My friends said it was really fun and nice and there were readings from the Bible.  Read more here...

New-age kinderen


I clearly remember something that happened a long time ago. It happened during the bedtime ritual when my daughters were still fairly small.   Read more here...              


I don’t know about you but I sometimes have this impulse out of the blue, something I absolutely have to do on the spot.   

For instance, when walking down a shopping street I may feel a sudden urge to enter a certain shop at that particular moment.   Read more here...

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