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Aspect van het kleine-ik besef

We often find that humans assume that in the contact with the World of Wisdom, love is overpoweringly present.

‘God is love, who resides in love, resides in God...’

But you will be amazed when I show you the love present in the World of Wisdom.

This love is so sharp; Magda calls it almost cold and you won't find this love on earth.

However, we don't call it love, love is a word, one of the images that belong to the moon energy.

It is hard to explain, because there is no earthly word for it.

The energy of the World of Wisdom is pure and crystal-clear.

This force expresses itself as strict, in the way humans might experience it.

When I answer a human’s questions, I take into consideration how he perceives love, because if I would base my answer on my perception, he would run a mile.

This love, the way you think you can interpret it, does not exist in humanness. You have no connection to it, nobody has. The thinking hat of the human being has no word for it.

Only the fully conscious sometimes gets a glimpse of it, because of his contact with me.

When a human speaks of unconditional love, he refers to a mildness towards another human, in which the latter gets room to follow his own process.

However, one cannot assess what somebody else's lessons are.

The other might actually need to unfollow that process, in order to get on another track.

A human can never see that in another.

So, what you call love, I call ‘covering with a cloak of love’ and then, the other gets covered with a blanket of energy.

Abandon the idea that it is the ultimate thing one can offer another human.

Only your gnome, your natural force can tell you what your attitude should be in a certain situation.

And then sometimes you'll need to be hard towards humans, but that tells more about love than when you just accept what someone else does.

The 'love' from the World of Wisdom exposes everything.

Everything becomes crystal-clear in our energy.

Whereas with you, when you use the word love, everything gets covered!

When you observe your loving actions, ask yourself where this comes from.

Often this is fueled by education, sometimes by fear of the other, sometimes by the feeling that one is safe when one treats the other affectionately.

Sometimes by the thought that the other one will like you, if you do this.

What I hand to you sounds surprising but only your gnome knows what is good for you.

He doesn't know what is good for somebody else and your thinking hat even less so.

Whenever humans speak of love, they speak of an emotion.

An emotion experienced in the body.

But when you know that emotions always follow thoughts and have no contact with your essence, you can draw your own conclusions.

The love between humans is a flow of emotions.

And this flow of emotions can be compared to the orange vibration, in which humans experience the we-feeling.

And when humans are in the we-feeling, at the same time, there is a built-in safety net for themselves.

This is not so much about love, but rather more about possession.

A human who is looking for love, is very busy with love in his thinking hat, is actually looking for a place where he can be who he is.

Then it is not about the feeling of love for the other, but about his own safety, about his own place in society.

Love is and will always be an emotion.

I know I might kick some humans in the shins with this and yet from the perspective of the World of Wisdom, we see that love is only an emotion that originates from the urge of the small I-conscience.

The fully-conscious, the human being who has gone through his lessons and cleared up all his old loads, can only consist of pure energy from the World of Wisdom.

This human emanates a zigzagging white energy.

This zigzagging energy, which is pure, without pretensions of helping or whatever other emotion, has an elevating effect.

Therefore, the human who receives this energy has the possibility to rise above himself and look at his own emotions.

The human who has gone through his own suffering, does see the other suffer, but knows at the same time that it is a lesson for the other one:

‘I cannot comfort him in this, he will have to go through this lesson.

I can only give him energy, hoping that he will experience enough strength to look at his own situation.’

This energy contains the light, so that a human also has the freedom to look at his emotions.


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