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Do You Know Me?


While everyone is looking for me,

I am not that far, but very close you see.


I am that voice whispering in your ear

With a wonderful plan or a surprising idea,

I just pop up in between your thoughts,

After all, I am always there, I’m in your whereabouts


When you express yourself and you really mean it,

I can be heard in each and every digit.

You will experience me in uninhibited play,

But never in good, better, best, nor in super sway.


I'm not on agendas, completely beyond time

So if that's your grip, then you have lost me.

I do not care for esteem or power,

I am your strength, I do not cower.


I cannot be found in unctuous tone,

No, my wisdom often remains unknown.

I am not good or bad, nor rich nor poor

I draw upon a vision pure

One often looks for me in great and new

But I am found in small things touching you.

This way I am not far, but very near.

Because I Know about you and you are me.


I see your nakedness and know your pain,

I am the well that springs from your deepest Being

Do you know me? Then you are no longer alone,

After all, you and I are ONE.


You know about me when you recognize yourself,

Because am I not who you really are?

Your big I, your good shepherd?

Do you know me? Then we travel together.


Do you know me?

The way, the truth in your life?


Sense and experience,

Become aware of me


Earthly existence lasts such a short time...



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