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Here and There


Dear child there on that dark sea

We‘ll give you a reflexion from here.

Calamities and sufferings are of all ages.

And dear human out on the turbulent waves,

It is not a new experience knocking at your door.

No, you have been exposed to it many times before.

Try to feel a little deeper if you dare

You‘ll understand what we want to share.


If you do not judge and can be mild,

You respect the other in his fear and sorrow and are kind.

Then we work from here and you from there

Together we are strong beyond compare.

For you are the flame and we are the fire,

In this dark hour you are our bearer of light.


Know that where the light appears,

For a moment uncertainty disappears.

A smile, a wave, a friendly greeting too,

Real sincerity in the things you do.

For our help is not in grand gestures,

Nor will it reveal itself by miracles.

Only when at rest you get the inspiration.

After all, this light is of such fine vibration.


Dear child, you don’t have to get through this period on your own.

 Rest assured, that you are not doing it alone.

We reach out to you; will you give us your hand?

If you connect with the flame, we will be your guide.

Feel us, we are walking by your side.

Because we are not here, and you are not there.

We belong together; we accompany you everywhere.



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