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The Ether Element

The ether element is like a curtain hanging around this earth.

It is also the separation that the spiritual world uses to get in touch with you.

This ether element IS.

It has no flow in itself.

It is a quality that imbues this planet and in the World of Wisdom we use it.

We use the ether element to transmit our lessons.

We use the ether element to pass information on to you in your dreams.

You have certainly used it too at least once in your material life, because your essence has used the ether element to descend into your body.

This ether element is a quality in which we, and I am referring to the seven teachers of the World of Wisdom, have the possibility to reach the human, each human in his own terrestrial element.

As a teacher I can pass on a signal, but there are four terrestrial elements and each terrestrial element will give the signal a different form.

The natural force in you is in contact with the ether element and through the ether element, with an aspect of me.

The contact with the ether element is also the contact with your lessons.

The ether element is also what a human sometimes describes as: ’It is as if I feel a divine power’.

Then you know that you are in contact with the ether element.

I have already explained that the essence descends through this ether element.

When a human is at the end of his path, he uses the ether element at the moment of release from his material body to slip back to the World of Wisdom.

The ether element is covered with lots of trimmings, but actually the ether element IS.

Under the influence of the moon energy the human makes all sorts of religious forms of the contact with the ether element. However, these are just the trimmings of the moon energy stuck onto the ether element.

When you are able to see this, you will come back to the core of what life is all about.

The ether element looks like a liquid substance.

In comparison: when you focus the space above a burning stove, you will see that the air gets a reflexion, shows ripples, comes into a flow and it looks as if you were watching something like water.

Yet it isn’t a flow, it does not move, but it IS.

You are not aware of it but the ether element is always present.

Again it means: only when you are out of your thinking hat, you can contact it.

The thinking hat uses wonderful words for the ether element in connection with moon energy, but I want to take off that extra load, because the ether element is not the divine power, as humans call it. It is not the spark that you would call the soul.

In the World of Wisdom we use the ether element to support you in your lessons. You are not in this alone, and when bearing the burden you can, at times, experience, that there is help for you.

At the same time these moments reflect the passage through the ether element.

The ether element is always around you, it imbues you.

When I say to you: ‘Turn inside, make contact’, you can experience it.

The ether element forms the link between your own essence and your gnome, your own natural power, between you and me, between you and the World of Wisdom. You will experience a great feeling of peace coming over you.

This is what a human is desperately looking for sometimes in moments of sadness, unrest, illness, with all the misery he encounters on his path.

At the same time the suffering is also the gateway to contact the ether element.

I told you that seven teachers use the ether element to reach the humans on this earth. The seven world religions were created because humans made contact with, were tuned into the ether element.

Each teacher uses the ether element, but the ether element is experienced in the terrestrial element the human is in.

The terrestrial elements, water, air, fire, and earth, are touched by the teachers. Thus all seven teachers use, through their own energy, the four terrestrial elements and the manifestations are subdivided into twenty-eight ‘colourings’.

These are lines that encompass the entire earth and also give extensive colouring to the intentions, the perceptions of the humans in the different religious movements.

These religious movements propagate through the terrestrial element in which the human finds himself.

Yet we are just seven teachers who have the task to guide you.

When you remove the trimmings from the religions, only the contact with the ether element and with me or with one of the other teachers remains.

Every contact I have with your essence is like reading a book. All of your experiences, all your possibilities, all your lessons are written down in this book and at the same time I am part of that book.

If a human wants to make contact with the ether element he must at least be the tree in the meadow to be able to do so.

In the white vibration he has the possibility to make contact with the ether element.

The human in the blue or the purple vibration experiences it as inspiration, peace, an extra load, a spark which carries life.

I have shown that the ether element is the dividing line between the World of Wisdom and the material part.

Perhaps you can imagine that a human, when he is not yet fully conscious but would be able to learn to consciously make contact with this ether element, has no good view as yet who or what he is making contact with. We protect those humans from making this contact.

Now you know that when you used to say: ‘I am experiencing a bit of God, I experience my soul, I experience the spark that contains grace,’ you are only making contact with the ether element.

That’s what I mean by taking off the trimmings.

You can compare it to emptying cupboards.

In the course of his life the human has stored a vast number of words and images related to religions, and when you remove this load now, you can more easily move on to the white vibration, as it actually is the vibrations of the moon energy that stop you from passing through the gate.

When a human is fully conscious he may no longer seek protection with me.

Therefore, the human who is a tree in the meadow has to find his own passage to the World of Wisdom and for him that is the ether element.

Others, who are still on their way, experience the ether element only when we use it for guidance.

But knowing about it already gives another view.

When you have reached the point of saying goodbye to your small I-conscience - the I-conscience of the material consciousness, of the human you are now in your present existence – and you are at the stage that you only live from the silver – from the essential consciousness – then you will discover that the actual I-conscience is in your essence, and no longer in the material consciousness.

The essence is part of the World of Wisdom, part of that vast sea.

It has all the possibilities in itself.

When a human only has the silver at his disposal he can also increase the vibrations of the material molecules, making the molecules move very far apart and enabling them to penetrate everything.

In order to clarify, the teacher wants me to say something about my own experiences.

During the training I received, the white vibration was completely present in me. Therefore, I could spread out the molecules of my body so as to touch everything, the planets too.

Everything IS.

At the same time, I had contact with my body, with the small I-conscience, with the large I-conscience, with the World of Wisdom and with the teachers.

In that contact I experienced myself as part of everything.

I was one with everything.

Then the human is limitless and can penetrate everything.

The teacher says: ‘Experiences are not transferable, but yet Magda’s explanation of this experience is easy for you to understand’.

Now the teacher shows a sort of water curtain.

He steps through this ‘water’ to make contact with each of you.

Likewise a human in the white vibration can step through the ether element and make contact with the World of Wisdom.

You can also see the ether element as what scientifics are searching and wonder: what is it that disappears from the body?

Why does the body no longer function whereas all the organs are there and sometimes there is no apparent reason why people die?

You know now that when a human dies, the ether element has withdrawn from the body.

I can imagine that it is a very difficult subject for you, especially because your thinking hat has no idea what I am talking about; it is mumbo-jumbo to your thinking hat. But you will, when you go further on your path, realise that your essence has fully understood.


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