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The Journey of the Essence

The snout of a friendly looking dolphin emerges from the water.

It is funny to see how it emerges and does a little dance standing on its tail fin, and then it spins back into the pool again.

A number of bushes and several gates, leading somewhere, surround the pool.

What first looked like an open-air thing, appears to be covered; a hall with the pool, bushes and gates. At this moment the three gates are still closed.

Animals are symbols of particular emotions and when we speak of a dolphin we can say: ‘A dolphin is a friendly animal that helps people to get in touch with their own inner life.’

We may attribute all that to the dolphin, but from our point of view, in our symbol language, we actually consider a dolphin more like a previous existence of quite a lot of humans. Your essence started somewhere as a solid little whole and gradually it had to start moving, it had to become conscious. At such a moment the essence does not have many possibilities to gain experience. First it will try to find it as an animal, even though it is not aware of it at all; it is guided by one of us or by spiritual helpers to choose the body of an animal, so as to gain experiences.

The essence has already spent time in bodies of various animals, before settling in the dolphin, for we do look upon a dolphin as a higher form of animal species.

There are lower species; these are animals that you cannot teach anything, they are only present in their existence, but the higher animal species already experience something, they experience fences, experience new possibilities in their lives, even though all of that still has to be presented to them, because these animals do not look for new developments, for new experiences, and yet we say: ‘That is part of the higher animal species to which also the dolphin belongs.’

And your essence too spent time in the body of a dolphin. You feel a certain relationship when you see a dolphin. You may feel happy then, feel calm, so this is quite different from what you normally think when you look at a dolphin.

This scene showed that it took place in a vaulted building.

This does not mean that the essences in dolphin bodies have swum around in a hall, but we have just shown that because this is also a part of the World of Wisdom.

For a human it is very difficult to imagine what the World of Wisdom is like and what it means to the essence. That is why we always use the symbol of the swimming-pool, where you will find the paddling pool as well as the beginners’ pool, the one-metre pool and the deep pool. And if we just look at the water in the paddling pool, the first pool, it is made up of drops and you can consider every essence to be a drop in that paddling pool. You can find all the essences that chose the human form in that paddling pool. The human on his way to higher consciousness will have to get to know that paddling pool first. When he is fully conscious, and full consciousness means that he knows the paddling pool, then he is ready to change to the beginners’ pool. And there he finds all kinds of new possibilities; he experiences new things in order to progress to an even greater consciousness.

You can consider us teachers as the seven pool attendants who belong to that paddling pool, where all these essences that have chosen the human form are present.

Even though this seems a very small image, it shows that the World of Wisdom is vast. In fact it is so colossal that nobody can imagine the size of it. By just presenting this image, it is shown how far it surpasses the understanding of the human. He does not know what else there is to think about. That is why in our wordings, in our explanations, we try to stay close to your capacity for understanding.

Our explanation may sometimes seem a bit childish, but we would like to stay in touch with you. And if we tell you something about our world from our point of view, either you doze off very soon, or you will take to your heels and vanish. That is something we do not think strange at all, because this lies outside your own perception, so you cannot be expected to accept this easily.

We started with the image of the dolphin that was bobbing up and down in this small pool. It may seem very large, but for us it was only a very small part of that paddling pool. And even though the essence was in that animal body, it already felt that later on it had to end up in a human body and come to this planet.

That is why, under the aegis of the spiritual helpers and us, it has found a body, an animal body, that also lives on this planet and thus has been able to get a first glimpse of this planet form, of the growth, the developments attached to the forms on this planet.

You cannot look around on another planet. You may try in your thoughts or in your dreams, but in the human form that is not possible. And even if you are halfway your training and say: ‘Gosh, I have got this far, I already have the capacity to get a broader view, also in the World of Wisdom’, even then you cannot go to another planet. That is impossible; you will have to know everything about the paddling pool first.

It is only when the essence knows the paddling pool inside out, and has experienced the entire human form in all its gradations, it will be given the choice to go back to this planet or to look round on another planet.

You will have to go through these lives here until you know the entire paddling pool. And we hope that they will be very nice journeys for you, but quite often we hear you sigh: ‘This life here is nothing much; I really hope this is the last time I descend on this planet.’ You may be sure that a human who thinks that is not yet ready for it.

When a human knows the paddling pool, he no longer thinks about how nice or how bad this planet is, but he remains neutral to everything he gets in touch with. And this neutrality means that a human is ready to change to another paddling pool or to the beginners’ pool.

But first he must begin to understand why he is in this paddling pool, why he encounters certain situations in his life, and which lessons he has to learn. You cannot say: ‘I skip this one and I know, I feel that I have a lot of lessons to learn, but if I take a neutral attitude about these lessons, I will get there eventually.’ No, that is not possible. First you will have to get to know the lessons you have to learn and only by understanding them, you will gradually learn to become neutral.

This is the established order that we observe, we do not make any exceptions.

Every human form the essence uses will have to accomplish his journey if he wants to get to the point where he can be neutral. And it seems so simple, doesn’t it, the word ‘neutral’ and ‘okay, I just observe and nothing disturbs me anymore’.

More humans than you think are of the opinion, I am ready, I can stay neutral. Meanwhile they begin to sleep poorly, they need tranquilizers or have a glass of beer so that they feel relaxed when they go to bed.

Someone who is neutral does not do that by sheer willpower, but has this automatism that is just there and because of that he can remain neutral under any circumstance. He can keep that neutrality without any effort or without thinking about it.

Every human has a lot of possibilities to escape and to survive, because we see them as survival mechanisms which a human uses, whereas he himself thinks that he has already gotten far enough to remain neutral.

It is quite something we ask of humans and it is not so much that we ask it, but it is a form of growth that they will eventually achieve. Then comes a point that he can only be neutral and it is no longer an effort. When one starts looking at it, being on the path, it is quite a task to be neutral, because a human is easily inclined to judge his own life, but especially the lives of others and remaining neutral in such a case is quite something! Suppose you are walking down a dark alley and you are beaten up. To remain neutral in such a situation is something, and yet we ask of the fully conscious human to understand the reason for this attack, why someone makes such an attack, and to be able to observe neutrally or experience it without being troubled by it.

This shows that neutrality as such is a word that is used very easily, but in reality it is very difficult to apply, and therefore this possibility is the last stage for the essence and certainly for the human.

So we started with a dolphin and end with neutrality.

It shows how long and complicated your own quest sometimes is; how your consciousness develops, in all kinds of gradations and vibrations, but also in all kinds of cultures, sometimes living on the edge of society and sometimes in the midst of society.

But all experiences have to be undergone by your essence; one life is not enough for an essence.

You as a human being have only one life, you die, but the essence continues on its path and may have to find its way to the matter hundreds of times.

We know that humans easily talk about reincarnation, as if they have already been on this planet a number of times. But as a human that is impossible, because as a human you only live once.

Your humanness is only a cloak for the essence. The essence goes on and whether it stays on this planet or stays in the World of Wisdom, for the essence there is no reincarnation. It just assembles all sorts of experiences. The quality in which it is present does not matter to the essence at all. So in our view reincarnation does not exist, humans just see it like that. Especially when we hear all those stories of humans: ‘Gosh, I have been this or that, and I had this or that experience there…’

Yes, they would all love to have been a well-known person, but we say: ‘The experience was useful for the essence, used it or maybe not, but you as a human you have not experienced all that.’

You have heard something, but you do not quite know what it is all about... So we ask you to try and keep this outside of yourself, not to talk about it. We know that your essence has made a lot of journeys, but just think of it as one big journey, during which it regularly takes sidetracks, takes a look at this planet for a while and then continues in the World of Wisdom. But it remains on its way, for the essence it is just one single journey.

When a human speaks of reincarnations every bit of life is cut off and they are only bits of life that are pieced together again. A human experiences this as, Look, I have been all this. But the essence has had a lot of possibilities in the course of the centuries and has indeed descended in a material frame hundreds of times already.

While being part of the body the essence also keeps in touch with the World of Wisdom, otherwise it would not be fed, otherwise it would not receive energy from the World of Wisdom.

The World of Wisdom is everything and saturates everything; your body and this planet are also part of it and your essence always keeps contact with the energy of the World of Wisdom. It would be wonderful if you as a human were aware that you too are in contact with the energy of the World of Wisdom, but that is often not the case and we think that is a great pity. If you know that your essence is part of it and is always in contact with it, as a human, you should look for that little door to get in contact with it.

Then you have easy access to all the energies of the World of Wisdom, access to the seven teachers and the opportunity to look around quietly and gain some experience in this world, also in your humanness.

This gives an extra dimension to the growth spurt that you need to make, but you find opening up to your essence and from there to the World of Wisdom is the biggest challenge.

Your essence is always present in your humanness and you would not be able to live without that essence. The essence forms the greater part of your humanness; and yet it always has low priority and a human thinks his humanness with its character and its thinking capacity with all its fantasies is more important.

He cannot imagine that he is only an appendage to the essence that is present inside him.

The essence is vast and has a colourfulness that a human does not know anything about as yet and it would be great if you made contact with it.

And if you ask: ‘How can I make contact with the essence?’ the answer is very simple.

We say: ‘Just accept that you really do not know’ and the moment you say to yourself: ‘I am at a total loss’, you automatically empty your thinking hat, you do not hold on to all sorts of ready-made theories you have picked up from books, religions etc. and that’s when you have found a passage to your essence. All the information crammed into your thinking hat unable you to contact your essence.

And yet the human and especially the human in the blue vibration who is involved in psychic affairs, all kinds of meditation techniques, yoga and so on, says: ‘Yes, I am already doing my very best, I am reading, I am doing all sorts of things, meditation, and yet I do not succeed in contacting my essence.’ Our answer is that you do all that with your thinking hat, you do all that with your will power and will power is part of your body. The thinking hat is part of the body and it does not make contact with your essence.

You only need to say: ‘I do not know’ and then the essence gets ample room to be present and you can reap the benefits of that. So it is not all that difficult to make contact with the essence. We really hope that everyone will just try it out for himself and to see what the essence already contains.

We started with the dolphin, but there are so many experiences in the essence, also from all the other material lives it has lived, from a very small insect to all sorts of humans. And whether this was in the male or the female form and or connected to one religion or another, everybody’s essence has gained a great number of experiences, and must also have these experiences just to get a broader view of that small paddling pool. Everything is interconnected.

The human thinks he knows what the World of Wisdom looks like; the human thinks he knows what the possibilities are.

Yes, if we look into everyone’s thinking hat, we cannot help smiling sometimes, for we see all sorts of possibilities in that thinking hat and we wonder where they get them from. Fairly often that is because they have seen science fiction films or read esoteric books, or even from religions.

But not one of these images matches to our possibilities. For as long as you hold on to them, as long as they are not your own ideas, just accept that they do not belong to the World of Wisdom.

If you say: ‘I do not know’ and you let the essence quietly go ahead, only then you can decipher certain images in yourself, Oh, this is an insight that I have not yet read about, not yet heard anywhere and all of a sudden it emerges inside me; and that is a truth that matches your own essence and the World of Wisdom too.

This is a wisdom which in itself is so far-reaching that you cannot find it anywhere. You cannot share it with others; you only know yourself, This is my truth and my truth is so grandiose, it will be enough for my entire life. That is sufficient for me in itself and I do not feel any need to go on searching.

We want every human to discover his own truth, to see this truth as a guide for himself in his life and from there to start discovering what that paddling pool looks like. For your essence has many possibilities to examine that.

You walk hand in hand with your essence, and therefore you can easily experience this in your own humanness, recognize and gain these experiences yourself.

The fact that you cannot share this with others does not matter to you anymore.

The greatness that is present in you is enough; you can live on it for many lives. And if you are experiencing it in this way, you have reached the point where you can say: ‘I am neutral in regard to everything and everybody, for I have my own truth and even if that is not someone else’s truth, for me this truth is sufficient to fill my life with and to see my possibilities. And then my humanness as such is not that important anymore. I see it as a cloak, for which I can sometimes be very grateful, provided it just goes along with everything I want. But if it does not do that, I do not mind that anymore either.’

Then you also say: ‘Okay, then my essence seemed to think it necessary to choose this cloak, for it still had to learn something with it and I accept that, I will not bother about it anymore and my life just goes on. But I also know that, from my essence’s point of view, it has reached the edge of the paddling pool. It has seen how many possibilities there were in that paddling pool and it is now ready to change to the beginners’ pool.’

And then it says goodbye to us teachers, and starts looking for the next pool with other teachers, other pool attendants, for the lessons just continue.

So you can perhaps imagine that you are only at the beginning of a new discovery tour. It is not to belittle you, but to show you that there is still so much to discover, there are so many fine things to see in yourself and when we can help you make contact with that, we have succeeded in our mission.

We have shown you your way. What the way of your essence is and what sometimes makes you as a human feel like a victim; whereas, when you start collaborating with your essence, you will gradually understand the destiny of your essence’s journey.


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