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The teacher: the deepening is meant to give you further explanation of certain subjects and a wider view.

You have already made the acquaintance of the World of Wisdom in all sorts of playful forms, so that you in your humanness can handle the matter easier, your thinking hat has had to step back and the essence gets more room to gather the information it needs to grow in consciousness.

Now that you have opened the door and made the first journey through a new way of thinking, you may feel attracted to the texts that you will find under Deepening. Here concepts and subjects are further explored giving you a wider view.

Just like for the book that we offer, here too it is important to tour this information together with your essence. You will feel which text appeals to you, which rouses your curiosity. At that particular moment you are ready for it and together with your essence you will be able to absorb the information instead of just ‘consume’ it through your thinking.

We hope that, through the texts and poems you find here, you will get a wider view of yourself, your essence and your link with the World of Wisdom.

The website gives you a general image of the material and spiritual world, where everyone finds something to suit his needs of the moment.

We wish you a fruitful and enjoyable journey, on this website as well as in your daily life.


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