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Symbolic Language

The teacher: 'The language of the World of Wisdom is a symbolic language, the language that only your essence knows.

Your thinking hat doesn’t know this language, your thinking hat cannot deal with it. The thinking hat only wants to see facts and use logic. 
It means that the symbols cannot be approached through the thinking hat. 

A symbol can tell you quite a story if you make contact with it inside yourself and pick up the connotation. Your thinking hat would need ever so many words for this, and even then it would only be a meagre reflection of the true content the symbol offers. Every symbol consists of several ‘layers’ that you can only grasp through the vibrations of your essence.’


Higher Spheres


Ever been in higher spheres?

Well, it’s the world of the Spirit over there.

And even if you don’t always hear,

often it whispers messages into your ear.

And if, sometimes, you don’t really see,

you have to know: the Spirit speaks symbolically.

This language man tends to forget every day,

can be decoded by inner knowing, this is the only way.


It won’t happen from one day to the next, it is slow,

but consider it a process in which you can grow.



In order to get an idea of what a symbol might tell you, we give a few examples.



Spectacles are the symbol for the view of the human on his life.

This view relates to his world view, relates to his degree of consciousness, but it is a view that doesn’t often fit the potential the human has in his essence.

Spectacles are part of the material consciousness symbolised by the tree.

The human who has little contact with his roots, is still strongly bound to his crown, the thinking hat.

The trunk, the behaviour, is coloured by the spectacles.

The spectacles also stand for the view of the human on the spiritual world and the spectacles keep him from contacting the other degrees of consciousness.

The way the spectacles look shows the view of the human being.

-  The colour shows the colour vibration through which the human looks.

-  The form of the rim shows the ‘packaging’ of the human’s view.

-  The colour of the lenses shows the ‘clearness’ of the view.

-  The thickness of the lenses shows the enlargement of the view. 

The Colour Brown

All symbols in the colour brown have to do with emotions, as brown is the colour of emotions. The object will tell you what the emotions relate to.

Your creativity, your fantasy is the link between the knowledge and the vibrations of your essence. When you use your fantasy on hearing or imagining the symbol, it is as if you open a door to the vibrations of your essence.


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