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The Maturing Process

I am standing on the edge of a mown cornfield. The rows of stubble are still perceptible. The brown earth is very well visible. Otherwise the view is grand and in the distance I can see a mountain bathing in sunlight, whereas there is no sun on the stubble field. Although it is a bit of an undertaking, I feel the urge to walk to that mountain. During this walk ever more animals accompany me and they all carry a bag or a satchel in some way or other.

A dog is carrying a rucksack and on the trunk of an elephant hangs a bag.

At the end of the stubble field is a mossy plain. Here the big group of animals forms a semicircle around me in order to look at the mountain together, which seems already much bigger from where we are now. It is not a white mountain, the sides are veined with different soft colours like lilac, blue, pink etc.

If you watched the image, it will have struck you that a number of animals were walking along with Magda, and that she was standing in a stubble field and the soil was brown. But at the same time, she had a view of a wonderful and strongly emanating mountain bathing in the sunlight. Coming closer she also saw several colours on this mountain. Possibly you can conclude from this image that the view of the mountain means the ultimate a human being can reach in his development. This symbolizes full consciousness and the contact with the World of Wisdom. All the colours in this mountain have to do with the vibrations of the World of Wisdom with which you make contact ever more easily.

You didn’t see any of the teachers in the image, but we are part of this mountain. We don’t want to show ourselves as intermediaries either, because you are meant to make contact yourself. We only try to incite you to walk the path yourself en to turn inward to make contact with the World of Wisdom.

You saw all those animals and every animal seemed to carry a specific package. In our symbolic language animals stand for emotional loads, but also for the physical possibilities the human has.

You know that the synthesis of your genetic material has its roots in the animal world, so on an unconscious level you may already be in contact with one of the animals that we see here grouped around Magda. This genetic material can also help you to drop down further in yourself and to see what the World of Wisdom has in store for you. As we have shown you, every package carried by an animal is the teaching package that every essence has picked up on its way and which sometimes bothers you greatly in life.

We may say: ‘It doesn’t have to bother you, you should just learn this lesson’, but knowing you, you will find it very hard sometimes and experience it as agony.

The possibilities a human has, also from the genetic material, will help to understand this teaching package and why these lessons are there.

You aren’t meant to look at all the animals one by one in order to say: to this animal belongs this emotion. We don’t think that very important.

You can just feel an attraction in some way or another to one of the animals.

One feels attracted to a bird, another will say: ‘I feel like sort of a link with a particular dog.’ And that means that the genetic material of your body has already received a blueprint during a life in the body of an animal.

When we show a cornfield, we imply the calm characterized by your own essence. Now we have mown that cornfield and only the stubble is left.

You may see this as a start, to look for the calm, for the content of your own essence.

In this image it seems as if we start all anew and think those humans know nothing and we have to show them the way step by step, but that is certainly not true.

We only want to show how a human sometimes doesn’t make any contact at all with his essence, experiences the aridity of daily life to which suffering are attached.

At that moment the human only contacts the terrestrial energy, which is why the soil was well visible. And the brown colour says that the human often suffers from the emotional blocs or loads he experiences in his life.

However, we say this is the beginning, the way every essence starts, but it is ever more urged to walk up to that mountain. So we couldn’t skip the beginning.

This little summary gives you quite a compact image, from the beginning to the end of the development.

Lessons can only be learnt through emotional loads, because the human will first have to go through a certain load to which suffering is attached, before he grasps what that lesson actually means for him.

When this is done in a pleasant, gentle way, the human will not change his views.

No, the thinking hat has to ‘topple’ in order to get a new view.

We just showed the mountain from the outside and that was quite beautiful, but your essence is part of the mountain, so it knows all the nooks and crannies, all the rough parts, all the minerals and colours of the World of Wisdom.

We ask you to go inside that mountain and see what happens to you.

And when you have discovered the track leading inside, you will search your essence and will find lots of old experiences and also whatever your essence has concocted in earlier existences.

The essence also knows the teacher it is in contact with and has a direct line so that you may ask us questions like ‘What am I meant to do? Where on that mountain I am, or in which vibrational layer am I?’

A new world will open up for you and there is a lot to discover, to explore.

The essence becomes ever more all-round, so it makes ever more contact with different layers in the World of Wisdom, and can hand this to you as a human being.

Then a short film is projected in your mind’s eye so that you know that your essence wants to hand something to you as a human being, and you will find how fast your development advances and you use all sorts of possibilities in yourself.

We hope that you will discover your own guide. Not a guide like in esoteric books, but see your essence as a guide in which you can find the answer or just directions of the course.



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