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Teaching and Guiding

I see the teacher and he is standing before me pontifically. He is very tall and my head just about reaches to his stomach. He is wearing a very long robe, like a monk’s habit that falls in pleats around him. At eye level I can see there are double pleats in his robe.

The outside of the robe has a silvery glow. But now he moves and I see that the insides of the pleats are of a different colour; I see red, yellow, orange, the colours of the chakras. But they all have that silvery glow. Now he steps back a little and I see him in full regalia. He has long silvery hair and his face, I always love that face, so beautiful!

But I can never tell whether the teacher is a man or a woman. Very delicate features. I always say ‘he’, but I might as well say ‘she’, because of the feminine features. When I look at his hands, I see very beautiful hands with slim fingers.

The robe falls in pleats to the ground. It is a splendid appearance.

Well, that’s a nice picture of me. Now you might be wondering what we are going to speak about. We think it’s time we gave a broader view of the World of Wisdom, but also of us teachers as we’re always speaking of ‘We teachers’. We are always present and these lessons would never get through to anyone if we weren’t there. Everybody knows what ‘teacher’ implies, but that is all, you actually don’t know much else about us.

We rather like speaking about ourselves for once and speaking lengthily about teaching.

Not just about being a teacher, but also about teaching; so what does this imply and of what use is this to you as human beings?

There are seven teachers, and they are not chosen at random, like: here are some teachers and we threw dice for those who could act as teachers and those who could not. No, a spiritual law says that there are seven teachers who each have a place around the paddling pool. As you know, the World of Wisdom can be compared to a very big swimming pool, with several paddling pools, and all the essences that have chosen the human form are to be found in one of those paddling pools. That paddling pool has seven pool attendants.

You may take it that we, the seven attendants, are all connected with the essences in such a pool. That does not mean that there is a crowd, and that all seven of us deal with one essence, but we do have the possibility to see what an essence needs to continue on its path.

It is our task to guide the essence towards full consciousness, so that it may go to another pool.

We keep in contact with this particular paddling pool, and deal with all the essences that have chosen the human form.

Humanness as such has no surprises for us whatsoever for we know humanness inside out, although we have never walked upon this planet.

You can take it from us: if it concerns a different paddling pool, we have to rely on stories we hear from other teachers, as we ourselves have no connection with that pool.

Speaking from a general point of view, all this is part of the World of Wisdom and it is the energy that unifies us and all of you essences too.

That is also the connection with the other paddling pools, but we all stay in our own niches. A specialisation is actually needed to guide all essences.

If you take a look at a primary school, the teachers there all teach several subjects. But we as teachers cannot say that we teach all the subjects because we can only see what an individual essence needs and which teacher would suit it best.

You may compare this with the secondary school where each teacher teaches one subject, about which he knows a fair amount: this is just like the teachers of the World of Wisdom.

Each of us passes on a certain energy, and just as there are seven teachers there are also seven different forms of energy. We call these the ‘tone colours’. It all depends on which energy the essence needs so as to help it on its way to full consciousness.

It could be that it chooses a certain teacher in its life, say Tom, and in another life it might need Dick as its teacher. We as teachers can initiate this change in the paddling pool.

The teacher, with his particular energy form, stays with the essence for its entire material life, and it is only when the essence goes back to the World of Wisdom that it has the feeling: I want to go on, there is much more to learn, that it gets the opportunity to choose another teacher.

We cannot make that change-over at the time you are present as a human being, because that would be asking too much of you. You would then have to get used to another form of energy every time it happens.

We could give you a nice little list of our energies, such as healing, protection and all the other forms of energy that human beings might encounter and also have to deal with in their tasks, but that would simply be a list for you.

You should know that each energy form is of such a quality that it cannot be mixed with the energy form of another teacher, because that would create chaos amongst human beings of which the essence would make use, and we cannot do that to you.

We know that our energy is far reaching and within each of us innumerable essences are present. These essences can manifest themselves and say: ‘I feel at home here; the energy of the teacher I belong to feels like a warm bath.’

You will also find that you only make contact with humans who carry the same energy. Because that energy is of such quality and strength that you cannot handle it in daily life when you get in touch with humans who are in another teacher’s energy.

That is not so strange, because that is how cultures grow, how different religions grow, because of all those forms of energy of ours.

Let’s take the track of the religions. You yourself know that the Christian philosophy suits you, and that although it may be extensive and contain many facets, you feel in some way connected with it.

You can take a sniff at the eastern religions, or Islam etc., but that goes no further than getting a sense of what the energy is like. You would never be able to make yourself familiar with them, as they do not fit the energy that your essence carries and in which it is immersed.

It also shows that all the little side-lines, the diversions of humans in the blue and the purple vibration, are a waste of energy. They feel their religion has no more to offer and so they go ‘shopping’ in other religions.

We are sorry for them, but they will never be able to recognize the subtleties, or to feel how that is.

It is just taking a sniff, nothing more, because the essence carries the energy of a teacher who is connected to a certain religion, and that teacher is used as a resource by the human being.

Here we are going to put up a clear partition, not because we want to but because it is a spiritual law. It is a fact and we have no say in the matter, we can only comply with it.

We know that our own energies contain possibilities that are so vast that we need not involve with other things.

We would very much like the essences to continue on their paths, and we do not do that for our own honour and glory, but because it has to do with the essence that is part of us.

The moment your essence gets a broader view, we also benefit from it as we as teachers are growing too.

It is the combined action of your essence and ours, and this combined action becomes part of who you are as a human being twenty-four hours a day.

But because the human being has a thinking hat, and because he plays all sorts of games through politics and relational fields, he no longer recognizes the combined action of the energy of our teaching, his essence and his humanness.

Together they form a triangle: the body is the material leg, the essence is the spiritual leg and the energy of the teacher the third leg.

This triangle is always part of you: when you are fully conscious, you can no longer say goodbye to the triangle, as it is constantly fed, so that your view of the World of Wisdom gets broader.

There is no limit, so we cannot say: ‘Now you are fully conscious, you are done with learning.'

All this is an on-going process in which every one of you is progressing, and this on-going process happens to be part of our task of helping and assisting you.

The help we give may take different forms. If necessary, we have the possibility to manifest ourselves. But as no human being can cope with our manifestation, except in small doses, our energy vibrations are geared to that.

So when someone only disposes of the blue vibration and we want to show him in a dream that the teacher is present, we’ll see to it that the vibration is such that it matches the vibration of the human receiving the message, otherwise it would never come across.

We also have the ability through our energy to make forms, so that the human being has a feeling that he is seeing something. We can make shapes from this energy.

In what Magda sees and the texts she has to explain too, we make use of that energy and we can focus that energy in such a way that she looks into something resembling a mirror and that mirror reflects all these images.

In the World of Wisdom we always make use of the fully conscious to help the essences. We often hear about masters and entities being asked for information through channelling. When I paint this picture, it shows that a fully conscious may never do his work without my knowledge.

So when a fully conscious human is in my energy and gets the task to pass on messages from the spiritual world, you may assume the humans who receive the messages to be fully conscious but in the matter.

Because when use is made of humans in the blue vibration, the entity in the white vibration can never pass on what it wants, because the human being in the blue vibration does not understand. I see all the books on this earth, I see the discussion groups and the colourings humans give to the messages passed on. I have to disappoint those people: an entity in my energy in my service will never make use of somebody who still prides himself on being a channel.

You never hear Magda use the word, because she does not channel.

We only use her essence to pass on this message. When a human being claims to be a channel, that is only possible through a chakra, you may be sure that, from our angle of working, this cannot be.

As you have already read, it is our task to guide essences towards full consciousness; the guidance may be very broad and takes on different forms, because we know what each essence needs, we also know the possibilities of the human the essence makes use of.

It cannot be otherwise that we should occupy ourselves with the human too and so we adapt our guidance to what the human can cope with.

Sometimes you hear us say that the essence is our foremost priority and we consider the human of lesser importance, but we know that if the human being throws in the towel, the essence does not get round to learning its lessons.

That is why our guidance will always be twofold: on the one hand for the essence and on the other for the human.

This means that if we want to help the human to open up for the essence, we must be aware of all the blockages, fears, vulnerabilities, pain and confusion that a human may run into.

Fortunately we can count on a large group of helpers, on our side as well as in the matter, who we can call upon, and who we sometimes send to accompany a human who has lost track.

For example: one night Magda suddenly received instructions to go outside so that we could have her meet a truck driver who did not know where he was anymore. We received a call for help from him and could count on a collaborator who was directed to him by us.

This happens to every human who asks for help.

The human who receives help does not know that the help is given by a spiritual helper – and sometimes this help is declined. Yet we feel the intention of the human who, in desperation, says: ‘God help me’, and whether he asks God, the teacher or a saint does not make any difference.

We always receive the intention of the call for help. We cannot ignore it and will then decide how that human can best be helped. Sometimes we see that a human can really stumble, and we are there to say: ‘Come on you human, you can have a little rest now, we will help you.’

However, we are not going to help without being asked, we may only help the moment a human is ready to ask for help. But you can never get us to do your dirty work. That is, of course, our advantage, we work in this way.

We have many possibilities for assisting the human.

However, we do make distinctions, depending on the level of development the human has reached. A human who has come so far that he can make contact with his essence himself will be approached in a way different from the one who we know is thinking, If I want help, I must pray.

To the human who is advanced on his path in material consciousness we will show a dream about what is going on, but then we can also approach him directly, and he suddenly realises that he knows that the answer is within himself.

We also think that the lectures are a form of assistance, because the human who is ready for it, will be invited by us through the energy of an advertisement and suchlike. We see in the humans present what questions they have, what their lessons are about, which little detours they take and the suffering involved, and then we will adapt our lectures accordingly.


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