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The Chain of Time


Days string together like links

and form a chain of time.

Everyone gets the assignment

to break that chain, but thinks:


‘Do I really want to lose that time?

Can I look further and see the thread

that everyone carries along

as they go ahead?


The thread that turns out to be a lesson

is also hidden in my life

as well as the key of time

that really makes me thrive

and also sets me free

from captivity.


As a human being on this earth

I accepted my lesson from birth

having lived in my cloak for quite a while

I strongly feel that key is worthwhile.


No more clinging to old rules and habits.

What I always could rely on no longer fits.

And the courage to kill sacred cows,

is the key to detach from my humanness.


I take a good look at the links.

Observe myself and learn: ‘Where are still gaps,

what makes me so restless,

what am I not aware of perhaps?’


Then I lose that chain.

I see beyond the illusion of time.

Boundaries will begin to blur.

And as a bird so free

I fulfil my earthly days being the real me.


Dancing on the silver cord it never is too late

again I discover a new gate.

With the time given to me here

I am working on a great project

building my physical and spiritual life

Like a real architect.



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